“My husband was stopped at airport security recently,” reveals Eva Sirvent Milbrat, founder of Edkera. “The customs officer pointed to his carry-on bag and my husband duly began to open it. The officer stopped him; he wasn’t interested in its contents, he was in awe of the bag and wanted to know where to get one! My husband smiled and gave him Edkera’s website address.”

Made in Spain by master artisans, Edkera’s iconic bags are designed for elite lifestyles; these are luxury bags, unparalleled in the sports and high fashion worlds. The company was inspired by the life of its founder. “Having become a mother to triplets, and juggling corporate and family life with time to exercise, I needed an exceptional bag,” says Eva. “I began searching for a functional sports bag which was also irresistibly sophisticated. I found nothing that excelled at both. Having an engineering background, I believe that what we dream, we can create. My connections to the technology world were useful. My connections to the high-fashion industry were invaluable.”

Eva was born in Alicante, Spain, a province that is  home to 100-year-old artisan ateliers (“talleres”) where some of the world’s most exclusive leather goods are created. High in the hills you’ll find cobble-stoned, medieval villages that guard haute couture’s best-kept secret: generations of master leather craftsmen and women. These are the artisan tailors and designers behind Edkera bags.

Edkera blends fashion and functionality at the highest level. “Beyond tailored sports bags, we create exquisite lifestyle bags,” says Eva. “Edkera’s bespoke service – Edkera By Appointment – centres the design process around each client. Each bag starts with a personalized consultation to understand the client’s lifestyle. Do they move from boardroom to squash court? Do they fit in a jog between international flights? Every client’s lifestyle is unique and their Edkera bag is designed to perfectly complement them. The design is customized for aesthetics and functional preferences. This endless customization serves a single goal, simply put: to create our client’s dream bag.”

Traditional and modern values are fused in each Edkera bag. “The finest Italian leathers for the exterior, army-grade anti-bacterial Cordura for the inner,” says Eva. “Velvety-smooth pockets for valuables, and separate compartments for food and drink. Modern life moves us through such varied environments, and the equipment we choose must be able to adapt. In a single item we need a sports bag, a travel satchel and a business case. The bag must do everything – and look great while it does.”

Beyond its tailoring service, Edkera offers curated selections in its online store and even an 3D design tool for clients to design their own bag. “It all starts with our five core designs,” says Eva. “We observed everyone around us and what they were carrying. Our range had to fit in with modern multi-dimensional lifestyles and we tested concepts to breaking point. Every aspect was considered with incredible attention to detail, innovation and quality. For example our flat handle design is internally strengthened and subtly padded. This stops the bag slipping off the shoulder, while improving comfort.”

Who are Edkera’s typical customers? “People who seek the extraordinary,” says Eva. “They know who they are and never settle for second best. Their lives and experiences are unrivalled. They are leaders, trend-setters, with a great lifestyle bag over their shoulder, for sports and for all other aspects of their lives.”