Avn Interior Architects

Living in the heart of a thriving metropolis often means making every square inch of space count. In Mumbai, AVN Interior Architects has made a virtue out of designing often compact apartments that feel and function like spacious, subtly luxurious homes. “Our clients know we maximize every space,” says founder and designer Aditi Vora Nair. “We love creating dynamic spaces where functionality comes first.”

Aditi begins any new commission by getting to know her clients and how they live. “We get into their lifestyle: what their days are like, how they spend their weekends, whether they entertain at home,” she says. “We involve our clients at every step, from space planning through to choosing the furniture and fixtures.”

Partitions and focal items of furniture are placed to follow the natural walking pattern a client would follow in and around their living space. “We pay attention to how spaces work with each other,” says Aditi. “We avoid straight lines connecting living areas so that the movement around a home is more fluid.”

Lighting cleverly defines key areas of open-plan schemes, while Aditi makes the most of the available natural light by using reflective surfaces. Where possible, she frames windows and the views they offer with plants, working indoors and out with landscape designers to offer clients resilient, low-maintenance and stylish planting schemes.

Aditi’s designs never reveal themselves entirely, but lead visitors through a property. “Our clients all say that the finished design looks larger than it actually is,” she says. “Not every corner has to be decorated – you need breathing space, then you can use elements that make an impact.”

While the emphasis is on creating a free-flowing environment, she and her team of consultant architects plan meticulously to ensure there are no wasted areas. Aditi designs discreet storage and efficient kitchens that make it easy to keep the living and sleeping areas clutter-free. Every detail is considered, down to the amount of hanging space for shirts and whether a jewellery drawer would be best lined in soft suede.

Aditi balances her residential commissions with simple, contemporary office designs that are both visually exciting and engaging to work in. Natural materials such as textured concrete walls, polished wood and stone-tiled floors contrast with striking artworks and bold lighting. “The aim is to create something that is an experience,” says Aditi, “something that is memorable.”

Having graduated from the American University of Sharjah, UAE, with a degree in Interior Design, Aditi furthered her studies with a master’s degree in Furniture Design at the Kent Institute of Art & Design. Her professional career began with a period working with leading modernist architect Kamal Malik in Mumbai.

As her client list of stylish young city professionals grows, Aditi is also moving her practice towards hotel projects. “My work on luxury residences naturally leads into the hospitality sector,” she says. “We only design spaces that we would like to stay in or work in.”

At the heart of each AVN Interiors project is the desire to translate a client’s taste into a beautifully designed and yet highly functional environment. “With so much inspiration, it’s very easy to over-design, but our clients trust us to decide what a space requires and what is enough,” says Aditi. “After all, we are designing their dream space.”