Caalo’s stunning outerwear is made with cold weather, lasting quality and sustainability in mind

Caalo started life in New York City, so its founders are no strangers to wind chill. They also draw on their Canadian roots, where sub-zero temperatures made the experience cooler still. “Growing up outdoors, immersed in nature,” says Jordan Moussalli, “you needed to be protected from the elements.” Jordan is co-founder of Caalo with Design Director Chelsea Claridge. They set out to create fashion-forward, highly functional luxury outerwear.

“One of our core design principles is that we want to make things purpose-built,” says Jordan. “They have to function technically – keep you warm, dry, or both – and they also have to lift you up. We try to pay homage to the traditional definition of luxury. Our product is built well. It will last. It functions at the top of its requirement.”

After presenting its first collection as recently as 2019, Caalo is already making waves. Using only the best materials from Italy and Japan, its ultra-chic coats are functional, transformable, trans-seasonal and unisex, and are available from luxury retailers worldwide. Black and muted neutral hues are punctuated by pops of vibrant colour and modern contrast stitching. A cropped padded black jacket reverses to lavender, and classic shapes are given unique, contemporary twists.

Sustainability is also central to Jordan and Chelsea’s company ethos. They produce in small runs from a factory in New York City, meaning they have a low footprint and high quality-control. Their staff benefit from a living wage, space and sunlight. Materials and design are viewed through the same lens. “What is the full life-cycle impact, and the full purpose of something?” asks Jordan. “It’s got to last – that’s key to sustainability too.”

Caalo’s two-tone hooded camel trench lives up to this promise. Built both to withstand the elements and to last, it is made from genuinely water-resistant fabric and is cut to a length that keeps the legs dry. Their below-the-knee reversible down coat is another of their trademark designs. It uses new Italian down technology for warmth without the “puff”, so it is sleek in profile but incredibly warm and lightweight. Its reversible design offers multiple aesthetic options on one hanger.

“We don’t design things that are trend-driven,” says Jordan. “They have to last a long time from a craftsmanship perspective. But we also want you to love them for that long too.”