In safe hands

Loringhoven High Security Luxury Safes

Built with the latest technology and custom-made to match any interior, Loringhoven High Security Luxury Safes provides state-of-the-art best-in-class protection

Where do you keep your most valuable possessions such as jewellery, expensive watches and important documents? Are you forced to make a trip to your bank every time you need any of these things? Loringhoven creates the ideal bespoke domestic safes to save such inconvenience.

Traditionally, a safe is hidden either in a wall behind a painting, in a wardrobe, or in the basement. “This is not an ideal solution,” explains the founder and owner of the German brand, Baroness Olga von Loringhoven. “Should a burglar make their way into your house or apartment, they are actually incentivised to vandalise your home in search of hidden valuables.”

Placed in open view, a Loringhoven safe will immediately catch their eye and save your home from being ransacked. The safe can only be opened by a person in possession of the required code.

It is far too heavy to be snatched away in a hurry and impossible to break into, not even using high-tech means such as a diamond drill or laser. The electronic control unit can be connected to an external alarm system and provided with a so-called “silent alarm” function. Silent alarms are designed to inform authorities of a break-in attempt without alerting would-be burglars, providing further protection from theft. Loringhoven safes are certified for security level VDS III or higher under the European standard EN 1143. Insurance companies will therefore be delighted to hear that a Loringhoven safe is protecting someone’s valuables.

However, a Loringhoven safe is not just a traditional “strongbox”, but a statement piece, a work of art designed to not only keep valuables safe, but also to ennoble any interior whether it is the home or the office. Each safe is unique with an individual certification number and manufactured exclusively to meet the customer’s exact requirements. This concerns not only the dimensions, but also its exterior finish, interior decor and fitments. Materials used can include high-quality leather, which even covers details such as the hinges and electronic keypad; a multi-layered high-gloss lacquer; or a glamorous patented raw diamond finish. Additional features, created from precious woods or metals, as well as a diamond-encrusted monogram, can be added as a final flourish. Whatever the client chooses for their bespoke safe, the outcome is always spectacular.

A Loringhoven safe is immediately recognised by its distinctive design, immaculate finish and inimitable features, the most prominent of which is the elegant control section, holding a safety keypad and a retractable handle. Nothing is left to chance. Every tiny detail is thoroughly considered for the customer’s convenience.

In order to meet all of their requirements, each customer receives personal advice and support regarding customisation of their bespoke safe. Worldwide delivery, installation and exceptional post-sales service is provided with every purchase. “A great reference from a happy customer is the best and most trusted form of advertising,” says Olga. “This is especially true and of particular importance in the luxury sector.

“As we all know, security is an extremely sensitive matter. It is a matter of trust, of great responsibility and utmost discretion,” she adds. “The safety of one’s most valuable possessions should only be entrusted to an absolutely reliable manufacturer with an impeccable reputation.” This is something that Loringhoven has gradually built up over the course of the past decade, for those who only accept the best.