House of the future

Luxury & Green Homes

From the fast, bespoke build to green energy solutions, Luxury & Green Homes proves that exclusive property can be environmentally sound

“Bespoke homes are luxurious and exclusive, but they should also be harmonious and in balance with people and the planet,” says Shelley Safari, co-founder and CEO of Luxury & Green Homes. “Our team has over 170 years’ combined experience in construction, science, technology, project management and interior design, which we bring to the creation of ultra-high-end turnkey homes that are sensitive to, and protected from, the environment – which is becoming increasingly pertinent.”

The company’s passive, sustainable homes are made with contemporary steel frameworks from scrupulously sourced manufacturers. Constructed off site, they help to reduce the build time to mere weeks. “Even the solid steel frameworks are sourced as locally as possible,” explains Shelley. “In an exclusive development in Corfu, for example, our steel framework is from Italy and will be installed by local experts. Our reach is global in terms of sourcing plots and development, and we believe in nurturing relationships with local architects, structural engineers and contractors.”

As well as Luxury & Green Homes’ efforts to maintain a low carbon footprint and use non-toxic and recycled materials, it builds structures that are future-proofed against the environment. The houses can withstand earthquakes of up to 7.5 on the Richter scale, winds up to 200kph, fire up to the maximum rating of four hours and flash-flood resistance up to two metres. They also feature advanced insulation technologies that help maintain a comfortable internal temperature, whether it is hot or cold outside. Green-energy solutions are tailor-made for each property. Solar panels, for example, can be seamlessly integrated into the roofs of both traditional and contemporary designs. The properties can also function entirely off-grid, further reducing their carbon footprint.

Shelley encourages and works with clients during the process of creating their home, from plot hunting to stocking wine cellars and selecting art, furnishings and even bespoke home fragrances. The team also takes smart home technology to the next level, optimising lighting, temperature and air quality, as well as security, entertainment, health and lifestyle.

“We aim to take the stress out of a bespoke build,” says Shelley. “We want clients to enjoy the process of creating a beautiful, sustainable, healthy home in an idyllic location; a dream home for them and their family, which can be constructed in weeks and will remain in harmony with the planet for generations to come.”