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In Villas Veritas

The luxury villa rental portfolio, In Villas Veritas, offers guests much more than rooms with a view

A stay in one of In Villas Veritas’ rental properties is “like having your own private luxury hotel, where you are the only guests,” says Laura Blair, the Paris-born American who is the company’s founder and CEO. Since the pandemic, such accommodation has become more desirable than ever. “I think many people who used to stay in hotels have realised how wonderful it is to have space and exclusivity with hotel-level, personal service, making for a truly relaxing experience.”

Launched in 1997 as a way for Laura to help her friends holiday in style, the business has grown steadily since, and 2020–21 was even busier than the year before as the demand for villas increased. “In some ways our business was positively impacted by the pandemic because of the niche we are in,” she says. “Many more people realised what our exclusive clientele already knew: that a villa stay offers a level of privacy not possible at a hotel. For this reason, many booked for two or three months at a time.”

Because of the exclusive nature of the quality rental properties, safety and peace of mind for Laura’s affluent clients are guaranteed. Her network of accommodation spans hundreds of properties around the world, from a beachfront villa in Cape Town, to a home set in tropical gardens in Barbados, to a serene retreat in the heart of Rome, or, should you wish, your own private island, castle or yacht.

Always ahead of the curve, Laura’s team not only work with their guests to find the perfect residence in the location of their dreams, but also tap into their wants and needs, organising service, staff, sommeliers and chefs, personal training, spa treatments and a whole itinerary of carefully crafted activities, so all the guest has to do is show up. Guests can also be assured that there will be no unwanted surprises, as Laura prides herself on her inside-out, first-hand knowledge of each residence and region, having personally vetted each property on her website. This, and the fact that she rents out properties that may be otherwise inaccessible, is what really sets her business apart.