Segantini Parfum

All the best stories start with love. In the late 1800s, the internationally celebrated painter Giovanni Segantini sent Liugia Bugatti some flowers he’d collected near his home with the words: “Take these as a symbol of my great love. When a spring comes in which I fail to send you such violets, you will no longer find me among the living.”

Today, his granddaughter Gioconda Segantini is also rooted to the uniquely beautiful mountainous region of Maloja, Switzerland, and uses it as inspiration for her own creativity. “The light here is very unusual,” she explains, “and the flowers have a very specific fragrance. My grandfather wrote about them in his letters to Luigia, so I have descriptions in his own words. I took the idea of light in one hand and fragrance in the other and decided to make a perfume.”

Given Giovanni Segantini’s creative legacy and the luxury design associated with the Bugatti family, from cars to sculpture and furniture, Gioconda knew she had exceptionally high standards to meet. To create Luce di Segantini, she therefore had to find the right partners. “The perfume had to be free from any chemicals or artificials,” she says.

She worked with an expert who created “totally pure fragrances” and enlisted a perfume creator. After six months of intense experimentation, Gioconda arrived at the perfect scent to evoke both Giovanni’s love and Maloja’s landscape.

Today, Gioconda sells limited editions of her perfume to international fans of Giovanni Segantini’s artwork and discerning clients looking for a unique, personal and ultra-luxe gift. The first edition comprised only 99 bottles. Afterwards, a lighter version was created, which can be bought online. And through these scents, Gioconda celebrates her family history. “I hope that my grandchildren will continue to make Segantini Parfum,” she smiles. “I wanted to create a perfume that Giovanni Segantini would have given to Luigia, that would live up to the exceptional standards of both families.”

Perhaps, by sharing the unique fragrances of these mountain flowers, Gioconda is also ensuring that her grandfather’s great love remains among the living.