Chenot Palaces

“We don’t treat disease,” says David Pelletier, Marketing and PR Manager for Chenot. “Instead we help our clients avoid illness altogether. We are focused on wellness programmes with preventative and health-promoting actions. We act in a proactive way and not just from the repair point of view.”

With almost 50 years of research and professional experience Henri Chenot and his team have developed and refined a unique combination of treatments and diet change. Together, in synergy, this method aims to support and stimulate the body to eliminate toxins, to assimilate nutrients, to increase its vitality and energy levels, and to rebalance its physiology.

The protocols of these treatments are collectively trademarked as the Chenot Method. It is an approach that combines the principles of Chinese healing with the latest scientific advances in Western medicine and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology.

“The Chenot Method is unique in its application in that it integrates and transmits energetic, physical and emotional signals to the body,” says David. “The body in turn responds by building up its own internal medicine and by regaining energy, functional capacity and inner harmony and preserving them over a long period of time. Guests do not come here to have their backs rubbed and to smell incense. They come to optimize their health and secure their health wellness.”

David describes the Chenot approach as integrative and personalized. From the moment that a guest walks through the door, his or her whole being is evaluated by Chenot’s specialist health professionals team. In-house advanced screening tests and state-of-the-art diagnostics add to this, to allow the personalization of the programme. “There is continuous monitoring and connectivity between all treatments throughout the guest’s transformational experience,” he says. “This bespoke service is fundamental to our success. The staff are integral to the process. From Chenot’s doctors to our chefs, we work only with the best.”

Through its multi-disciplinary approach Chenot is committed to helping people recover their lost personal balance, to reset and to reach their optimum both physically and mentally. “There is no doubt that we will live longer and better than ever,” says David, “so we should each make it our mission to make the most of it.”

Currently Chenot is expanding its reach internationally. “We have five-star Chenot Palaces and Espace Chenot Health Wellness Spas around the world, from Italy to Azerbaijan,” says David. “I am especially excited about the Chenot Palace opening in Weggis, Switzerland in spring 2020. Every guest’s room will look out onto Lake Lucerne, a huge expanse of bright blue water surrounded by the Alps. It is straight out of a fairy tale. To receive treatment somewhere as special as this can’t help but improve results.”

Chenot’s mission is simple. “No matter what health you are in, improvements can be made,” says David. “With the right help, it is still possible to be actively playing with your grandchildren in your eighties. The hands of time cannot be stopped, but they can be slowed down.”