Heading off hair loss

Fortes Clinic

Hair loss can be a traumatic experience – but Fortes Clinic blends scientific expertise and creative flair to offer confidence-restoring treatment

“Hair loss isn’t just a medical or cosmetic matter; it can devastate the confidence and self- esteem of men and women alike, so it’s vital that each patient is holistically supported throughout their physical and emotional transformation.”

Dr Saaed, founder of London’s Fortes Clinic, has always recognised the importance of taking a bespoke approach to hair-loss treatment. He was first inspired to add hair surgery to his already extensive medical skillset when his friends and relatives began to undergo hair restoration surgery themselves. Deeply dissatisfied with the often-unnatural, one-size-fits-all hairlines he observed, he began to research the field in more detail.

“I qualified as a doctor in 1997 with a degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBChB). I trained to be an anaesthetist and obtained a master’s degree in pain management from Cardiff University. But I became so enthralled with the hair-loss journey of those close to me and inspired by the research I was undertaking as result, that I eventually decided to train professionally as a hair surgeon. I joined the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in 2017, shortly after establishing Fortes Clinic.

“I was driven by a combination of my medical background and my creative, artistic interests. Medically, I found it frustrating to see people undergoing inappropriate treatment as a result of not receiving the detailed, expert medical diagnosis needed to facilitate evidence-based treatment. Artistically, I felt that a more creative and considered approach to treatment could lead to far more age-appropriate, natural-looking results, tailored to a patient’s features and needs. We set up Fortes Clinic to tackle these issues.”

Fortes Clinic began as a Harley Street consultancy in 2016. In 2021, their boutique clinic opened in the charming and leafy Little Venice area of London’s Maida Vale, from where it offers its four main areas of treatment: hair restoration, trichology, aesthetics and skin. Alongside hair transplant surgery, there are non-surgical hair-loss treatments for men and women, which include scalp micropigmentation, hair growth and strengthening medicines, platelet-rich plasma injections, as well as eyebrow hair-loss treatment. More recently, the clinic has added aesthetic treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers and non-surgical rhinoplasty to its offering.

“Our portfolio of treatments has evolved over time, in response to our patients’ needs, but expert trichology is always fundamental to everything we do. We begin by fully understanding our patients’ hair and skin because, for example, not all hair loss is permanent and not all conditions are suitable for surgical treatment. My medical knowledge enables me to take an honest, evidence-based approach to treatment, rather than adopting the purely commercial decision-making process taken by some clinics.

“I’m also passionate about precisely tailoring a hairline to a patient’s age, features and hair type. The hairline of an 18-year-old wouldn’t work on a 60-year-old. It sounds obvious, but it’s a subtle and often-overlooked reason for the unnatural hairlines created elsewhere. We combine this integrity, medical expertise and artistic application with a patient-centric philosophy.”

From the initial consultation to the final review, as much attention is paid to the patient’s mental wellbeing as to the hair on their head. Dr Saaed and his team derive genuine joy from getting to know every patient and their needs, contributing their expertise to the uniquely transformative journey. The recommendations the clinic receives from patients are testimony to the success of this sincere and holistic approach.