Ultrasone’s unique headphones use state-of-the-art technology to direct sound into your ears in a way that provides a balanced and enjoyable listening experience

When Florian Koenig was young, he began making music with his brother in a tiny home-made recording studio. It was 1979, and he found the headphones that they were using were disappointing and ineffective. There seemed to be far too much pressure on the ears, rather too much bass, irregular closing effects and a lack of high frequencies. He made it his mission to fix these problems. Just over ten years later, Koenig formed Ultrasone, a high-end headphone manufacturer that uses patented S-Logic technology to create what he believes is the finest and most enjoyable listening experience.

Founded in 1990, Ultrasone launched with S-Logic, which presented a new frontier in frontal auditory effects, using technology to create what is essentially a three-dimensional hearing image. The S-Logic technology ensures that the entire ear is involved in the listening experience rather than having sound funnelled directly into the earhole. It does this by placing transducers not in the middle of the headphone cup as is usually the case, but offset to the front and bottom so the sound hits the outer ear first, boosting the aural perception and reproducing natural awareness of distance and direction without distortion.

As well as sounding better, Ultrasone believe that this technology can reduce the risk of hearing damage as it requires lower sound pressure to achieve the same volume perception as standard headphones, placing up to 40 per cent less strain on the ear. S-Logic technology continues to evolve. The most recent manifestation is S-LogicEx, which places greater distance between transducer and ear to further optimize the overall effects.

The headphones are manufactured in Bavaria at Gut Raucherberg near Lake Starnbeg. In this factory, powered by solar energy, sustainability is taken very seriously. Ultrasone works with local climate-neutral partners and use a fleet of electrical vehicles. Materials are chosen with long life in mind. The company uses noble, solid woods and the finest sheep leather, high-quality materials that look and feel good but which last for years. The materials are therefore selected with maximum environmental sustainability in mind to achieve a resource-efficient production process.

The company has a range of headphones that combine these fine materials with inventive technology – the company has more than 60 worldwide patents and its scientific research has appeared in more than 50 science publications. The flagship models are the Edition 15 and Edition 15 Veritas. These have a newly developed driver with gold-titanium compound technology. This compound combines a gold membrane with a titanium dome, providing unique sound properties. The gold-vaporized membrane creates a soft, warm sound with a lot of shine, perfect for the reproduction of mids and basses and the fine, precise resolution that comes from these frequency ranges. The titanium dome is stiffer than gold, offering the perfect complementary properties for higher frequencies. It’s a powerful combination.

Ultrasone also produces in-ear headphones in the form of the Saphire. The challenge here was to make something as powerful and impressive as the Edition 15 and other headband headphones, as it was essential that Ultrasone should adhere to their high standards of unadulterated sonic fidelity. The Saphire therefore accumulates decades of expertise in its outstanding headphones, with six drivers per side, offering an unmatched in-ear experience and creating a new benchmark in the category.