Happy days

Forte Village

From Michelin-starred cuisine to training with Olympians, Sardinia’s luxurious Forte Village resort keeps raising the standards for the best of everything

When Lorenzo Giannuzzi first visited the site of Forte Village on the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia 28 years ago, he immediately grasped its huge potential. With one kilometre of unspoilt beach and amazing views across the Mediterranean to the coast of North Africa beyond, there was an excellent opportunity to transform the site into the world’s leading resort. And that is what CEO and General Manager Giannuzzi did, step by step, creating a luxurious oasis that he feels surpasses all competition in terms of style, comfort and ambition.

“The goal was for Forte Village to be recognised as the best resort in the world and we have achieved that,” says Lorenzo. “But the challenge isn’t just reaching the top – it’s staying there, and we can never relax and live on our past success. Every season we need to diversify, innovate, go beyond expectations and maintain that excitement for guests both old and new without losing what makes us special. This means we have the excitement of a fresh start every single season as we test our new ideas and listen to the feedback. In every field, we aim for excellence.”

It’s all about ambition. When it comes to food, Forte Village employs some of the world’s leading chefs, such as Massimiliano Mascia, winner of two Michelin stars, and Heinz Beck, who has three. There are more than 20 places to eat across the resort, all offering impeccable standards whether the cuisine is gourmet or pizza. Celebrity chefs have residencies throughout the season, offering themed evenings of the finest food and wine. Elsewhere, guests can enjoy a completely renovated spa offering medical, beauty and wellbeing treatments, or visit the resort’s own piazza for luxury shopping and an outdoor arena with performances from international music stars and the world’s most respected theatre companies.

Similarly, Forte Village doesn’t only have world-class facilities for just about every sport you can name: national, international and Olympic champions are recruited to coach sports from fencing to table tennis. British champion Frank Buglioni has a boxing camp here, and football training is supplied by Real Madrid. Children have special menus and their own club where they can play sports, try cooking and learn about the environment. As one of the world’s most sustainable resorts, Forte Village is in a great position to talk about the planet and climate.

Such a perfect balance of hospitality requires vision and time, and Forte Village has been a long-term project with a clear goal. “I fell in love with the place and identified a process of gradual improvement to eventually bring it to the highest level,” says Lorenzo. “We did it slowly, each time bringing us closer to our dream of a five-star resort. We are now recognised as one of the best in the world.”

Forte Village is for everybody who appreciates relaxation in comfort. Families are welcomed, and Lorenzo wants parents to enjoy their stay as much as the children do. “The only problem we have is there are so many things to do,” he says. “But that means every member of the family can do what they want without having to compromise. We have the best of both worlds – the kids have the greatest time of their lives and the parents relax on the beach or in the spa and enjoy amazing food and beautiful weather.”