Hand in glove

Gala Gloves

For family-run Gala Gloves, tradition and technology go hand in hand with a passion for beautiful accessories

Throughout her reign, The Queen has shown the enduring significance of gloves. They are at once a fashion accessory, finishing and accenting an outfit, and a protective barrier against the elements or when approaching new people. For Alessandro Pellone of Gala Gloves, they are also a passion, and his family’s way of life since the 1930s when his grandmother Anna Muscariello and her brother Raffaele learned the art of glove-making in Naples.

“Our gloves are crafted in the Neapolitan tradition, which is based on 25 rigorous steps,” says Alessandro. “These exact steps are still followed today, but some aspects have been enhanced by embracing advances in design, manufacturing and sustainability. This ‘contemporary tradition’ is at the heart of our philosophy and suits our sustainability drive well.”

Like most businesses, Gala was forced to pause during the Covid-19 pandemic. The time for reflection led to environmentally-friendly innovation, such as the introduction of chrome-free leather for Gala’s Sustainable by Design Collection. With a significant reduction of water and electricity use, “it essentially marked a return to the past when chrome tanning was not used to tan leather,” says Alessandro. “Chrome-free leather-tanning takes longer, but it can still achieve the same soft, supple leather finish, with a lower environmental impact.”

Technological advances in the fashion industry have also entered the traditional world of glove-making. “Introducing computer-aided technology made glove design faster,” says Alessandro. “Its accuracy and adaptability have enabled us to revive traditional features including gussets and embroidery, as well as the seamless gloves created especially for our Royal Edition Collection. It has also transformed our bespoke design service because we can make gloves for individual customers in their own size.”

Gala continues to innovate, investing in recycled cashmere yarn for glove linings and recycled packaging, and supporting fully certified traceability in the supply chain. “Ultimately, sustainability fits hand in glove with quality,” says Alessandro. “And what could be more sustainable than a beautiful pair of gloves that last a lifetime? Expertly crafted gloves mould to your hand and, when preserved correctly, last for decades. We offer a restoration service to encourage customers to repair and renew, rather than replace, their Gala gloves. This way, we can commit to sustainability long after the gloves pass from our hands to yours.”