Richy Hair

When a client asked if she was wearing a hair extension, a member of the Richy Hair family politely smiled and answered no – this is a work of art. “For us, that’s what hair is,” says Richy Hair’s co-owner Vanessa Douglas. “It can be wild yet delicate, subtle yet vivacious. We handcraft our hair extensions with the highest attention to detail. We like to inspire and push the boundaries further.”

Richy Hair now spans the globe, with flagship stores in Los Angeles, Miami, London, Dubai and Stockholm. But the journey of this boutique family enterprise originates in a passion for enhancing beauty and empowering women with confidence through effortless and comfortable hair wear. In the past four decades, the founder’s family have developed unique techniques for creating remarkable human hair wigs, the haute couture of the hair industry. These hairpieces and extensions are known for their longevity and versatility, and Richy Hair’s innovative techniques provide its audience with an unprecedented level of quality.

“One of our founding philosophies is that the hair has to feel good,” says Mikaela Djarf, Brand Manager. The company’s hair is ethically sourced from Europe, where donors are fairly compensated, and delivered directly to a specialized in-house factory where each hair strand is handpicked for its distinctive elements. Through this careful and innovative manufacturing process every hairpiece can take up to six months to deliver.

“The hair’s perfection can only be achieved with expertise, patience and perseverance, along with the finest colouring and craftsmanship techniques,” explains Mikaela. “Our hair is meticulously designed to blend with your hair, comfortably and effortlessly.”

The company thrives on the happiness and excitement of transforming a client’s look in less than 30 minutes. But another important mission is to care for each client’s natural hair, allowing it to grow stronger and healthier while wearing a hairpiece. “A lot of hairpieces on the market aren’t good for your scalp,” says Vanessa. “Our tape extensions take the daily wear and tear off your hair and allow it to grow. We simply love seeing heads turn in awe and admiration as our clients’ lush locks bounce by.”