Dr Cinik

Dr Cinik Hair Hospital in Turkey is a go-to global destination for those seeking expert, effective hair restoration surgery

Comparing the process of having a hair transplant to living the life of a globetrotting superstar might seem a bit of a stretch. But for the patients of Dr Emrah Cinik – one of Turkey’s pre-eminent hair-transplant surgeons – emulating the life of a VIP, albeit briefly, is just part of the service provided by Dr Cinik Hair Hospital.

The clinic is based in Istanbul but 98 per cent of its patients come from overseas, with the majority from the USA, the UK, Ireland, Australia and Israel. They receive VIP treatment from the moment they arrive, including airport transfers, transport from their five-star hotel, surgery, medication and aftercare.

“The sector is booming,” says Dr Cinik, from his five-storey hospital in the heart of Istanbul, which comes replete with an emergency room, cafeteria
and 25 operation rooms all decked out with hi-tech equipment. “Turkey has become the capital of hair transplant surgeries in recent years due to the volume of operations we perform and the excellence of the surgeons.”

There are numerous reasons why people opt for hair transplants but, according to Dr Cinik, who moved into the field of medical aesthetics after graduating from medical school in 2002, the principal motives are self-esteem, self-confidence and the desire to feel younger and healthier.

“Someone who suffers from hair loss can feel socially incompetent and lose confidence,” he says. “Such feelings can hurt every aspect of our life.
That is precisely why our hair is so important to us.”

And while the superstar treatment is certainly welcome – Dr Cinik says he provides the surgery as a package so his patients don’t need to worry about accommodation, airport transfers, internal transfers, check-ups and medication – it is, of course, the actual hair transplant treatment that is the most important consideration for any client.

To this end, Dr Cinik’s experience and reputation should assuage any concerns a patient may have. In addition to specializing in this line of work for more than 15 years, his hospital is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (a global non-profit medical association and the leading authority in the field of hair loss treatment and repair).

Some of the specialist treatments offered at his clinic include body hair transplant, beard hair transplant, eyebrow transplant, hair transplant repair and strip scars repair. However, the two most commonly used techniques by Dr Cinik are follicular unit extraction (FUE) and direct hair implantation (DHI). FUE is the most advanced technology and is minimally invasive. It involves follicular unit extraction with the help of a micromotor that makes an incision between 0.6mm and 1.2mm, leaving no scars. DHI uses the same extraction technique as FUE, but the doctor transplants the hair follicles using an implanter pen.

Clients can opt for exclusive treatment (in which the surgery is performed by Dr Cinik himself) or primary (which Dr Cinik advises and supervises). “I am constantly developing myself by keeping abreast of the latest techniques in the field and introducing them as necessary,” he says. “I have a great passion for my work, because I realize what the daily influence of hair loss can mean for someone. For me, this is not just a profession or a job. This is a calling and a duty. It is something that helps people feel better about themselves.”