STIGA, a leading gardening products manufacturer, continues to be at the forefront of the green garden revolution. The brand – synonymous with large, front-cut, ride-on petrol lawnmowers – has caused a stir with the first exclusively lithium-battery-powered electric version of these specialized, high-end machines.

“Battery power has seen double-digit growth over the last three years in garden power tools and lawnmowers, and we wanted to be ahead of the game,” explains STIGA’s Managing Director Gary Whitney. “Our battery mowers are quieter and more environmentally friendly, with significantly reduced vibration. They are easy to use and increasingly popular – you just plug in to the household power supply to charge up and off you go!”

The STIGA E-Park front-cut mower is specifically designed for larger lawns or for use around commercial properties. The 4.3-kilowatt, 90-ampere-hour lithium-ion battery delivers the same robust performance as a similar petrol-powered model and covers a considerable 2,000 square metres in one charge. It also features cruise control and a high-resolution, seven-inch LCD digital display that provides all the information that a gardener could want; including cutting height, energy reserve and mower speed.

Also new is the STIGA 500 synchronized system, a range of walk-behind lawnmowers powered by two smart batteries working simultaneously, delivering longer run times and greater power.

Founded in Sweden in 1934, STIGA is now an international brand with a variety of products suitable for the full-time or occasional gardener alike – chainsaws, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and high-pressure cleaners. Expanding on its foray into electric power, the company is also leading the pack with its range of next-generation robotic lawnmowers. This small, intelligent mower can now be set via an app while simultaneously tending to other work. The Autoclip 530 SG is the largest such model available, and works by mapping the garden into “mowing zones”, ensuring that it never covers the same ground twice. Built-in sensors detect obstacles to avoid, as well as inclement weather, allowing it to dive back under cover if necessary.

“STIGA is known for its continual innovation,” says Gary. “We design garden products to meet the needs of every gardener.”