In Villas Veritas

In Villas Veritas sources the finest luxury villas for its VIP clients, delivering relaxation in an idyllic setting to those with busy lives

In Villas Veritas didn’t start out as a business venture for company CEO Laura Blair. Initially, it was a way for her to help friends of hers who wanted to holiday in style. Based in the US, she started planning luxury trips for associates more than two decades ago and, as both her connections and the market for luxury villas grew exponentially, she realized the huge potential of what she was doing.

“When I started, I wasn’t trying to be overly ambitious,” she explains. “I just liked helping my friends find lovely places to stay on holiday. It also meant that I would have the opportunity to travel as well. I was born and raised in Europe, so it was a good way to get back there on a regular basis and roam around scouting beautiful properties.”

Back then, in 1997, the luxury villa market was a fledgling one. Now, thanks in part to the technological advances the internet has provided, it is booming, and access to superb homes around the globe has grown greatly.

However, some operators offering villa rentals aren’t quite so fastidious about the quality of the properties on their books or having first-hand knowledge. Here, In Villas Veritas stands out in the market. Laura and her team travel all over the world to find and inspect their properties, ensuring that every location they offer is perfect – whether that’s a Caribbean villa not offered publicly or a private island off Capri.

“We try to eliminate any potential issues by knowing our properties inside and out,” says Laura. “We work with the owners and we go and stay in their properties in person and get to know the staff and experience everything. We often work for the VIP-est of the VIPs, so we must know every little thing about, well, everything.”

In Villas Veritas offers villa rentals, private islands and yacht rentals – in places all over the globe, along with a bespoke service tailored to the direct needs and requests of all who use the company’s services. The result is, truly, the getaway of a lifetime. “Everybody is so booked up in their busy lives now that it’s very important be able to relax and enjoy a well-deserved break,” says Laura. “And that’s what we guarantee for every one of our clients.”