Global reach

Luxury Portfolio

With a truly exceptional network of expertise, Luxury Portfolio International enables its clients to buy and sell property worldwide with unparalleled confidence

Buying and selling property, particularly across international borders, can be a daunting prospect. It is difficult enough finding a reliable estate agent in your own country, let alone in one that is unfamiliar to you; and when dealing with multiple properties, transactions can become even more complex. Luxury Portfolio International helps ease that burden.

Formed 16 years ago, Luxury Portfolio International is now the leading network of independent luxury real-estate brokerages worldwide with 245 members in 37 countries. Some of the best properties on the market are invariably sold by members of the network, making the company’s website an essential resource for those looking to acquire property, whether in the Caribbean, French Riviera, Middle East, Far East, the Alps or any major city.

“Luxury Portfolio International is a quality independent luxury real-estate brokerage network whose members know what their customers want,” says Mickey Alam Khan, President of Luxury Portfolio International and founder and Editor in Chief of business publication Luxury Daily. “There’s authenticity in the relationship, quality experience, impeccable market knowledge, a handle on buyer demand, stellar local and global ties, and just plain old simple reliability – everything you’d expect from a luxury brand.”

The network offers professional marketing and intelligence for its members, bringing decades of experience and knowledge to support businesses with marketing and advertising, training and education, business development, brand collaborations, IT and digital tracking, events, and content and intelligence. These resources are designed to complement the services that an individual member brokerage already offers. “The ultimate goal is to offer the right marketing, proper upskilling and effective referral, generating opportunities for Luxury Portfolio International member brokers and their top-producing agents,” explains Mickey.

To ensure the highest standards, the company aligns with likeminded businesses that operate with similar principles. This creates a uniform experience of exceptional quality across all partner businesses around the globe. Being part of the network means paying attention to detail, anticipating member needs and finding ways to improve the experience for luxury real-estate brokerages and their customers. Mickey places great value on the importance of building a successful team by recruiting smart people who will deliver the best customer experience.

This team then works closely with the best real-estate businesses around the world. “The network’s members are pillars of the local markets that they serve and totally on-pulse with the needs of homebuyers and sellers,” says Mickey. “What a seller can expect from a Luxury Portfolio International member brokerage firm is quality, highly personalised service, impeccable knowledge of local market conditions, a network that spans the breadth of the globe, and competent, experienced agents interested in building a long-term relationship with all parties involved in the sales process of the property.

“Luxury Portfolio International brokers and agents typically maintain the relationship even post-transaction, keeping the seller in the loop with news through email and magazine drops,” he says. “They touch base personally as referrals are a key driver of business, and they also let the sellers know they are always available as a local resource for any current and future property needs.”