The Kusnacht Practice

Originally a rehab centre, The Kusnacht Practice has extended its expertise to treat all aspects of psychological and physical wellbeing

“Whether it’s a question of medical, psychological or psychiatric care, or a combination of those, if the client needs it, the client gets it,” says Eduardo Greghi, CEO and Chairman of the exclusive Kusnacht Practice, situated on the healing shores of Lake Zurich. The institution is well known for luxury, but this world-renowned treatment and rehabilitation centre also uses the latest techniques,research and state-of-the-art technology to provide world-class medical excellence and the very best possible care.


Treatment plans are tailored to the individual’s needs and designed to treat the underlying cause of problems – such as biochemical and neurochemical imbalances – rather than only the symptoms. These are delivered by a network of more than 200 medical experts, professors, consultants and complementary therapists, hand-picked from around the world and in tandem with the centre’s Double Check medical division. Only five people are ever treated at any one time, and those who have benefited include business leaders, politicians and high-net-worth individuals.

The focus is on psychotherapeutic interventions; and in some cases treatment involves a 12-step programme. Medication is kept to a minimum, often reserved only for the short-term relief of symptoms. The innovative Biomolecular Restoration (Bio-R) programme detects and then corrects imbalances and stress factors in an individual’s biochemistry to strengthen their physical and emotional wellbeing. Patients emerge feeling and looking restored, which tends to be reflected in their skin, hair and healthier weight. Bio-R also aims to lower their risk of lifestyle-related illnesses, such as Type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

A typical Bio-R treatment involves an in-depth medical assessment and discussion, followed by extensive lab tests – including blood tests, hair strand tests and analysis of saliva – all of which provide important information about a person’s biomolecular balance and state of health. The clinic then provides a restoration plan, which includes supplements, lifestyle and nutritional coaching and stress-management techniques. Support continues back home after discharge, sometimes for several years.

Clients stay in their own luxury lakeside residences, with a personal butler who doubles up as a chef and with access to a support staff on duty 24/7. Residents can expect total privacy and absolute discretion: there are no group therapy sessions, just one-to-one counselling from an assigned professional. During their stay, they are encouraged to make the most of the clinic’s stunning surroundings by taking part in leisure activities, and close friends and relatives are encouraged to visit. For those with official duties or essential work obligations, the clinic can provide an office suite within their five-star residence.

People unable to stay at the centre can still benefit from its non-residential programmes, such as the personalized three-month Bio-R Impact programme. This regime was invented to tackle problems related to stress, weight and ageing.

The inspiration for the Kusnacht Practice was psychoanalyst Carl Jung, who lived and worked in Kusnacht over a century ago. It started life as a rehabilitation centre, treating addiction, but for the past four years has branched out to treat a wide range of mental health disorders.

“We have been polishing our approach now for over 10 years,” says Eduardo, “continually bringing in the best professionals. We treat body, mind and soul and we are truly holistic. I have never seen a client follow our programme, reach the psychic shift and not get better. The Kusnacht Practice never fails to get results.”