From hemp to health

Serena Organics

Serena Organics, with its scientific backing, stringent testing and active ingredient of cannabidiol, is an innovator in wellness

“Wellbeing is the new luxury, and science is its magic ingredient,” says David Hexter, who co-founded Serena Organics along with Joe Alabi after they experienced the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol (CBD) while researching in the US.

They launched the company in the UK in 2019, with skincare topicals, oil tinctures and edibles infused with CBD as their core products. “We’re bringing the scientific advances in luxury wellbeing to customers under one trustworthy brand,” says David. “It will eventually encompass physical spaces with treatments dedicated to enhancing wellness.”

CBD is credited with health benefits such as improved sleep, pain management and reduced anxiety. Research has found it effective for medical conditions, too, such as preventing epileptic fits, relieving pain, protection against neurological diseases and many more benefits that are emerging through rigorous studies. The CBD in Serena Organics products is derived from organic hemp produced in the US using a special extraction process that results in a cleaner product, free from heavy metals, pesticides or fungicides. The result is up to 40 per cent broad spectrum CBD oil, the highest in the UK market, and all products are free from the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which some brands in the past have illegally contained.

Each product goes through an eight-stage testing process – seven at Serena Organics’ certified Good Manufacturing Practice facility, and a final independent test, with results shared on the company website. The signature 15 per cent Broad Spectrum CBD in MCT Oil has been tested by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) to validate the CBD level and verify the absence of the THC compound, ensuring suitability for professional athletes. “Our scientific adviser Professor Michael Barnes is a consultant neurologist and leading cannabis clinician. His expertise informs our compliance with guidance from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and Food Standards Agency,” says Joe. “We don’t settle for less than the best. The benefits of CBD can fail if the products are not produced properly.”

This assiduous stance on quality has seen the company launch its full range exclusively in Selfridges. It has also attracted brand ambassadors such as F1 Performance Coach Michael Italiano, and Tim Gray, biohacker and founder of the Health Optimisation Summit. It is all part of Serena Organics’ winning formula.