Fresh-faced workout

Sports HAI

Sports HAI’s range of sweat-proof cosmetics are rigorously sports-tested to ensure you do the running – not your make-up

“I want people to ENJOY sweating and solve sweat stress,” says Grace de Alvaro, founder of Sports HAI – a company that specialises in high-protection, exercise-friendly skincare products. Her aim is for Sports HAI to support and encourage people who are put off sports because of the effects of perspiration, and to help athletes, exercisers and people prone to excess sweating to look and feel good, whether they are running a triathlon, working-out at the gym or simply going about their day.

“Elite athletes may or may not bother with make-up, but they do bother with skincare and certainly the average person who exercises does, too. Women don’t like their hair getting wet, they don’t like their mascara running,” says Grace. “Who can forget Ester Ledecká, the Dutch double gold-medal winner at the 2018 Winter Olympics, who refused to remove her goggles at the press conference afterwards because she wasn’t wearing make-up?”

Coming from an equestrian sports background, Grace was always physically active. It was when she took up endurance sports – marathons and triathlons, which involve running, swimming and cycling – that she discovered that existing waterproof make-up, skincare and haircare was inadequate. Grace also worked with divers, which led her to focus on sustainability. It was clear that something more robust, healthy and environmentally sensitive was required, and as a result Sports HAI ingredients are rigorously checked and involve no animal testing.

Sports HAI’s products are designed to stay put and be smudge-proof as well as being easy to remove, and as part of the market research are road-tested by athletes and Grace herself, who took part in the London and New York marathons, multiple half-marathons and various triathlons. “Getting out of the comfort zone is part of the job,” she says. Grace also recruited family: “My mother, Gerry Campbell-Sharp, is a horticulturist and when outdoors protects her fair Irish skin with the range, and my three children – Henry, Ana and Ignacio, my team HAI – are testers, too.”

Sports HAI’s Active Skincare collection includes two Attracta Beauty Awards winners: SPF 50 High Protection tinted sunscreen, which won the Best SPF for Sports 2021, and the Hydrating Lip Complex, which won the Best Luxury Lip Balm Award 2020. The products are perfect for daily use and keep face and hands protected from sun damage during outdoor sports sessions. “We’re here for anyone with ‘skin in the game’,” says Grace.