For all seasons


Imbued with style and substance, Guillot’s ingenious women’s timepieces can be customised to suit the individual, the occasion or mood

When Marie-Amélie Guillot, founder of luxury Swiss watch house Guillot, received an old pendant watch that belonged to her great-great-grandparents one Christmas, it sparked an idea that would lead her to design the world’s first three-in-one modular watch for women.“It’s not a fairy tale,” explains Marie-Amélie, “but it does look a bit like one. It was originally a pocket watch, but my father had it mounted on a chain so that it could be worn as a pendant watch. It was elegant and refined and I loved it.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy to wear. Marie-Amélie worked at a desk and kept banging the delicate case. She remembers thinking, “If only I could turn it into a wristwatch, I would wear it more often when I’m working.”

Thus the germ for the innovative Guillot watch was born. This idea became a reality when Marie-Amélie turned 30 and set about designing a watch that could be worn as a wristwatch, a pocket watch and a pendant watch. The design was rooted in the feminine aesthetic, as she wanted a watch that could be changed to suit different settings, seasons or times of day. “Femininity is not linear, but rather plural, so the Guillot watch had to be the same.”

Initially, finding a watchmaker to bring her pioneering vision to life was tough – she was outside of the traditional watchmaking industry. But a factory in Switzerland saw that this modularity could transform timepieces. After two years of research and development, and thanks to a groove on the back of the watch case that allows the fastening elements for the bracelet, pendant and pocket accessories to slide in, the first Guillot watch was produced in 2019.

“The case is unique, and what is also unique are the magnets that allow the case to be attached to various accessories,” she notes proudly. “This has never been seen before.”

With almost 100 combinations to choose from – and with changes taking fewer than 10 seconds – a Guillot watch is an ideal gift for women, being functional while maintaining individuality. “The watch tells you who you are, what personality you have,” Marie-Amélie concludes. “It’s like a way to discover the personality of the woman.”