Flower Diamond

As the name Flower Diamond suggests, the beauty found in nature is the starting point for the intricate and original pieces of jewellery created by this independent boutique jeweller. Butterfly brooches with wings set in shimmering blues and greens express both the artistry of the jewellery designer and the skill of the stone setters who fashion each limited-edition piece.

Singapore-based founder and Managing Director Belinda Chua is a regular host of society parties for Singapore’s fashionable elite. When she established her company in 1996, it was with the aim of creating jewellery that celebrated the style and character of the women she knew, be they debutantes or career women. Today, pieces by Flower Diamond are worn by Bruneian and Malaysian royalty, as well as by international celebrities including Hilary Swank and Mariah Carey.

In addition to the ready-made collections in her boutique, Belinda offers a bespoke service by appointment. Customers are invited to meet with Flower Diamond’s designers to discuss creating their own unique piece of jewellery, perhaps basing it around a specific stone or creating a wedding set or a piece fit for the red carpet.

Butterfly is Belinda’s signature collection. Its earrings, brooches, bracelets and rings are both dramatic and romantic, statement pieces that are immediately recognizable as Flower Diamond’s. A butterfly brooch might display wings of white diamonds blending gradually into deep blue sapphires with rubies set as eyes, or a delicate open-work thread of white diamonds outlining wings inset with pale blue zircons and green garnets. A whimsical spiral ring has a butterfly at one end winging its way towards a diamond-encrusted flower at the other.

Belinda travels extensively and regularly updates her collections with new ideas to keep them fresh and relevant. With her expertise, garnered over more than 20 years in the business, she is always open to new settings, designs and combinations of stones. Her choice of European jewellery brands complements her own creations with fine design, high-quality gold and diamonds, and manufacturing excellence.

Palmiero, for example, is an Italian jewellery and watch-making atelier in Valenza, the Italian capital of high-end jewellery manufacturing. Creative Director Carlo Palmiero designs watches as vibrant, jewel-studded tableaux. A set of four watches depicts the seasons; another, more monochrome version, is a chic re-interpretation of art deco jewellery.

August Gerstner, another European brand represented by Flower Diamond, is the oldest maker of wedding rings in Germany. Its contemporary, minimal wedding rings range from simple, traditional bands in Gerstner’s trademark scratch-resistant brushed finish, to the Melting Colours collection that blends rose, yellow and white gold in sunset bands.

Belinda always has an eye on emerging fashions and jewellery for a younger audience. The Elastic collection from Spanish jewellery house Damaso comprises a customizable range of rose, brown and yellow gold-threaded bands with a gold “bean” set with black or white diamonds.

Damaso’s relaxed elegance is a perfect balance to the haute joaillerie of Belinda’s own Butterfly collection. Just as flowers bloom, so each new season brings new collections and inspiration, with Belinda’s butterflies fluttering brightly in her gem-filled boutique.