Royaled creates regal-inspired pret-a-couture designs that empower women to dress with style and confidence

Royalty had often inspired fashion trends. One only has to think of Princess Diana or Princess Grace of Monaco, both hugely celebrated fashion icons who inspired women throughout the world with their unique and eternal sense of style. Or there was the Duke of Windsor – later King Edward VIII – whose taste in clothes helped to change men’s wardrobes forever. Saudi-born designer Renad Hefni has been similarly inspired by such regal precedents to create her own brand, Royaled, which offers bespoke pret-a-couture pieces that are designed to empower women by dressing them with confidence and style.

Renad studied fashion design at Dar Al-Hekma University in Jeddah and now aims to develop clothes that are fit to make every woman into a queen. “Marilyn Monroe once said: ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’,” says Renad. “Royaled celebrates women who want to thrive with a motto saying ‘crown your confidence’ as I believe that, if you carry yourself with high confidence, you will soon conquer the world.”

A crown therefore adorns every piece created by Royaled, signifying the brand but also subtly reminding the wearer of what a crown represents – power, glory, tradition, self-belief and honour. “Royaled looks to celebrate every woman who treasures her character by crowning her with a virtual crown,” says Renad, “bejeweled with grace, charm and confidence.” Her designs are developed through meticulous tailoring and utilise fabrics of the highest quality, creating clothes of mesmerising elegance and character that will make every woman feel imbued with the gift of royalty. In a kingdom that is slowly starting to give more rights to women, Royaled has become an important symbol of change.

“I became an entrepreneur to create and inspire,” she says. “Creating clothes with a meaning and movements through fashion. I commit to inspire and make people realise that all dreams are reachable. My goal is to grow in the fashion business internationally and help all the young girls with big dreams of becoming fashion designers. Our customers are all the precious, beautiful ladies. The ones with a voice who are not afraid to stand out in a crowd. The rebels, the strong-hearted and the confident.”