Cuvée Sensorium

With its elegant porcelain bottles, Cuvée Sensorium is changing how we view and consume Champagne

For centuries, Champagne has been sold in glass bottles. That is, until now. With its exquisite porcelain bottles, French-German company Cuvée Sensorium offers something innovative and, above all, beautiful to the world of elite sparkling wine. “In the old days it was only about the Champagne, but we place the bottle on the same level as the Champagne itself,” says Joi Regenstein, Chief Creative Officer of Cuvée Sensorium. “It takes time to create both, so now both elements are balanced.”

The idea came from a party held by Joi’s friend, Sebastian Schultz. “The table was beautifully decorated,” says Joi. “The only thing that looked out of place was the Champagne. He said the bottle looked old fashioned and ugly, so why not produce a better vessel for this elegant drink? He concluded that the best product to put on the table was porcelain.” It’s a choice informed not only by aesthetics; porcelain has far better cooling properties and is lighter than glass.

To bring the best out of this luxury material, Sensorium teamed up with a series of world-renowned artists, including James Rizzi, Rocketbyz and Mel Ramos. During the complex production process, the artist’s design is burned directly onto the material – nothing is merely printed. “No other Champagne brand is doing this,” says Joi. “We’re not simply putting art on bottles, it’s a collaboration with high-end artists, it has to make sense and make us go ‘wow’.”

Indeed, these items are treated like works of art, produced in strictly limited editions, arriving in a deluxe box and individually numbered. “Art-lovers are buying them because they love the artist, and they treat it as an investment,” says Joi. “They’re also popular in Asia, due to porcelain’s cultural heritage in that part of the world, as well as with people looking for something unique. Each bottle is completely handmade, there’s no industrial process involved.”

Sensorium’s bottles are only available in Methuselah-size six-litre bottles at present, but Joi says there are plans to produce 0.75 litre bottles, geared towards those who wish to celebrate a special moment in their lives. “Everything in life is about senses,” says Joi. “To see, to smell, to touch, to taste – these are priceless experiences. Our bottles should inspire people: we’re saying whatever you want to do in life, do it!”