Dreamboule was born when Beniamino Crocco – Founder, President and Chief Creative Director – was on holiday watching his children playing with a snowglobe, or “boule de neige”. He became transfixed by the tiny scene and the way a thousand sparkles of light would flash across the miniature landscape. A trained watchmaker, he sensed new possibilities for creativity and revolutionary design.

Returning to his home city of Milan, Beniamino (pictured, left, with his wife Katerina) took the concept and placed it on a ring, creating a tiny, perfect world that combined high craftsmanship with fine Swiss watchmaking and Italian design. On a Dreamboule ring, scenes are created from noble metals and rare precious stones, placed under sapphire glass and immersed in a secret “dream solution” that surrounds them with floating flakes of gold.

“At Dreamboule we believe in uniqueness, experimentation, unrestricted imagination and the merging of opposites,” says Beniamino. “We combine the mechanical art of Swiss watchmaking and the best traditions of Italian goldsmithing. After three and a half years of research and development, the result is these incredible jewels. Each Dreamboule design aims to capture an unrepeatable sensation so as to evoke a story and crystalize it forever under its sapphire dome.”

Each “dream” is a labour of love, taking 240 hours of craftsmanship to produce – a process that requires 18 separate skilled procedures. The rings’ domes, which are highly robust, anti-reflective and anti-scratch, are made from sapphire cabochon and filled with a secret fluid that gives a dreamlike, slow-motion effect to the 24-carat gold flakes inside. The flakes themselves require at least eight processing steps to achieve their radiance and timeless lightness. These flakes are sourced from a factory with a long-standing pedigree – one that took part in the construction of the Statue of Liberty 150 years ago – and a reputation for producing gold of a very high standard of purity.

At the centre of each ring is a delicate tableaux, which requires 90 hours of craftsmanship to construct. Each scenario is complemented by a special base, with a precious stone carefully selected and cut to create the required feel and colour. Years of study went into ensuring that each component – the sapphire, the liquid, the waterproof container, the shimmering flakes of gold – give the requisite effect and match the beauty of its creator’s imagination.

Beniamino’s research was aided by his professional experience at the Swiss watchmaking brand Hublot. This was where he learnt the art of precision and craftsmanship, as well as how to exercise a daring spirit of innovation. Like the great watchmakers, Dreamboule has a commitment to creating special-edition pieces, with a new range of limited editions due to be unveiled next autumn.

“We have exciting plans for the future,” says Beniamino. “We are expanding our retail network and working on an exclusive new presence in London. Also, we are working on new lines of rings, necklaces and earrings. Our strategy for the future is to keep dreaming our own vision and to keep revolutionizing the industry. Change is not possible without a dream as an inspiration.”