Stately Homes

“At Stately Homes, we respect and maintain the traditions of period properties, the design and feel of Georgian and Jacobean home styles,” says Creative Director Neil Harvey. “We make sure that they live on in the contemporary architecture of a modern stately home.”

The company’s origins in construction date back to 2005. However, it has since evolved to embrace the highest levels of quality design and craftsmanship, offering luxurious homes on private estates nestled in the beautiful Surrey countryside.

A Stately Homes property can range in size from a classic 4,000 sq ft family home through to a magnificent 30,000 sq ft residence. Its most recent and spectacular project is the expansive Hampton Hall on the prestigious Crown Estate in Oxshott, Surrey, whose name derives from the nearby Hampton Court Palace that used to hold sway over the village. Names of other properties are drawn from the novels of famous Surrey resident authors including Jane Austen and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

At the heart of how Stately Homes approaches these individual residences is the concept of collaboration with the client; from the birth of the idea of a perfect family home, through to the completion of a unique, tailor-made residence.

This process begins with the selection and purchase of the land in the ideal location for the client. Before even the first pencil sketch is made, the Stately Homes team establishes a firm understanding of the client’s every wish and gets to grips with how they will use the space.

Every client is assigned their own Personal Relationship Manager, who will walk them through each stage of the process to transform their dream into reality. Indeed, because every Stately Homes residence is uniquely tailored to the client’s tastes and vision, every one is a bespoke build.

Sustainability and ethical standards are of the upmost importance to the company and play a key role in the selection of products and materials. It procures its Cotswold stone from local masons; iron is forged in British furnaces; and ethically sourced slate is bought in from Welsh quarries. Carpentry elements large and small are hand-finished by master craftspeople.

While each residence’s design and materials resonate with history and heritage, the homes themselves come replete with the latest in technology to aid modern living, with meshnet integration and the latest in smart-home innovation.

The end result is the perfect family residence, whether for living all year round or as an occasional residence for families with an international lifestyle. It is a statement piece, which, when occupied, always feels warm and welcoming.

The company’s properties are particularly popular with international families from regions such as Asia and the Middle East due to their love of, and respect for, British architecture and the traditional qualities of an English home.

“We work within the themes and context of our tailored collaboration with an individual client,” says Neil. “So, the ambition is to produce homes that are right for today, but which will become the legacy properties of the future so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come. That’s tailor-made. That’s the perfect home. That’s a Stately Home.”