Everything’s shipshape

International Yacht Register

Whether chartering or building a yacht, International Yacht Register, part of SOVREN Group, ensures it is smooth sailing all the way

Owning or chartering a yacht is arguably the epitome of bespoke luxury, and IYR is devoted to ensuring it is a serene and expertly tailored experience for both the owners and charterers.

International Yacht Register (IYR), a SOVREN company, was founded by Stephen White in 2009. It was a venture that began with the build and management of the 81-metre motor yacht, Air, from the Dutch shipyard Feadship. The company grew organically and took on the management and charter management of other superyachts, as well as expanding into services providing brokerage, crew recruitment and training.

“Our experience spans boat construction, sales, management, operations and chartering,” says Stephen. “This broad expertise is intentionally focused on a small selection of yachts, so we can provide an exclusive offering – from yacht sales and marketing to crewing and concierge – that can be tailored to our clients’ requirements.”

IYR specialises in yacht charter and charter management. Superyachts can be chartered all over the world, with Mediterranean destinations including Croatia, the Balearics, Italy and France being perennially popular in the summer, along with Scandinavian countries such as Norway. In the winter, the yachts are usually in the Caribbean.  “One of the wonderful things about chartering is that you can enjoy a variety of new cultures and climates from the comfort of a luxurious yacht,” says Annemarie Gathercole, Charter Director of IYR.

Whether it is a guest’s maiden charter, a 50th birthday, an owner’s first yacht or their last, IYR’s highly experienced team facilitate a stress-free and seamless experience. “One of the key differentiators between us and larger charter companies and brokerages is our commitment to staying a boutique company, so we can focus on providing the high level of attention to detail for which we’ve become renowned,” says Annemarie. “We take the time to understand and collaborate with owners and charterers, and we proactively take care of all arrangements so they and their guests can unwind and enjoy their experience.

“As a team, we understand and love yachting and enjoy sharing our passion with clients. When we’re working with new owners and charterers, it’s an honour to welcome them into the world of yachting and help them discover its many joys. With our more experienced clients, there’s an established sense of mutual respect – they trust us to take care of everything and to instinctively interpret their more specific demands, so they’re able to relax in the knowledge that they, and their yachts, are in safe hands.”

Yachting has always been favoured by those seeking solace and isolation while on holiday, and the pandemic undoubtedly extended this mindset to those who may not have previously considered chartering a yacht, which has broadened IYR’s client base. Similarly, the company is seeing increasing numbers of charterers craving a sense of exploration and enrichment from their holidays – to both literally and metaphorically venture into uncharted waters.

As a result of its commitment to all of its clients, yacht owners and charterers, IYR’s business has grown organically, almost entirely through recommendation. By affording its clients the freedom and ability to personalise everything, from their precise position on the planet and the food on their plate, to the people within their proximity, IYR ensures that yachting is, and is sure to remain, the ultimate luxury getaway.