Golfzon is a golf simulator that offers expert training and grants you virtual access to the world’s most famous fairways, wherever you might be

With its millimetre-perfect virtual recreation of almost 200 international courses and the capacity to perfectly mimic the slope and cadence of any fairway, it’s little surprise that Golfzon golf simulators are the world leaders when it comes to virtual golf. Golfzon is ideal for both intense, focused training and more casual play, and was voted Best Golf Simulator by Golf Digest magazine for four years in a row. The company was founded in South Korea in 2000 and has rapidly established a major presence in the US and UK. “There are 60 million rounds played on our simulators every year,” says Gary Estabrooks, who heads Golfzon’s UK team. “You can use it to teach pros or amateurs. It is the simulator of choice for professionals in several countries and you can also create a tournament to play with your buddies anywhere in the world.”

If you have enough space – the recommended room size is 6 metres x 4 metres, with a 3-metre head height – then Golfzon allows you to play golf whenever you like, whatever the weather or time of day. Some clients install them on their private yachts so they can have a practice swing while touring the Caribbean or Mediterranean. As well as private homes, Golfzon machines can also be found in leading sports centres, golf clubs and hotels. Some companies install them in offices, to be used for in-work recreation, team-building or to entertain clients.

The secret of Golfzon’s success lies in the extraordinary technology. Ultra-sensitive high-speed cameras can trace the flight of a ball after impact, measuring it for height, length, speed and accuracy. Cameras will record every stroke, allowing players to review their technique or share it with their coaches.

The hydraulic floor will automatically tee up and adjust for different slopes while also recreating various textures – rough, sand and fairway. You can practise every aspect of your game, from short and green play to driving – and create coaching programmes that allow for repeated work on targeted areas of your game. But there are also arcade and tournament modes, allowing for more informal work-outs among friends and family.

“We can use it to teach and train professionals and amateurs,” says Gary. “Using a web-based mobile app, you or your coach can review and replay practice and training sessions remotely, analysing every part of your game. Or you can simply switch to our entertainment option and play 18 holes at your leisure.”

Golfzon machines are installed by technicians and can be customized to suit personal tastes for interior design. There are several models to choose from, including the Vision Premium (with overhead ball sensor unit) and the Vision Standard (which uses the same software but is designed to fit a smaller space with limited headroom). There is also a professional teaching system that can be added to either model. Golfzon has been endorsed by numerous former professionals, who acclaim the machine’s accuracy and coaching facility but also applaud the fact it is fun and simple to use. “You can play when it’s raining, you can play when there is snow on the ground, you can play when the course is closed and you can play when it’s dark outside,” says Gary. “It’s just like the real thing, only you don’t need to bend down. And you will never lose a ball.”