Familia Martinez Bujanda

The vineyards of Familia Martinez Bujanda have been producing a range of exquisite and unique wines for more than 130 years

“We want to produce wines with soul,” says Diego Martinez, manager of Familia Martinez Bujanda, explaining why the concept of estate wine is so important to the Spanish winemaking company. Its wines are produced entirely on its own sites, from growing to bottling, so that every bottle reflects the unique character of that particular estate. And, by opening its vineyards and wineries to visitors from around the world, Familia Martinez Bujanda wants to share its passion for the estates it has nurtured through many generations.

Familia Martinez Bujanda’s first winery was founded in 1889 and the company now owns five wineries around Spain, producing fine wines solely from grapes grown in its own vineyards. “That’s very important,” says Diego. “The quality really begins in the vineyard.” On each of its estates, Familia Martinez Bujanda owns and controls every element of the winemaking process so visitors can explore the whole journey, from visiting the vineyard to touring the winery and, of course, tasting the wine. The company offers a range of packages and experiences for visitors to the three estates; Finca Valpiedra in Rioja, Finca Montepedroso in Rueda and Finca Antigua in La Mancha, each of which has its own distinct qualities and characteristics.

Finca Valpiedra is an 80-hectare estate situated in a valley that slopes down to the river Ebro. The location’s rocky soil plays an important role in giving the three wines produced here their character. By contrast, Finca Montepedroso is a 25-hectare estate planted on a plateau at an altitude of 750 metres. Only Verdejo grapes are grown here, producing a single vineyard wine. At 1,000 hectares, Finca Antigua is the largest of Familia Martinez Bujanda’s estates. Situated at an altitude of 900 metres, 421 hectares are planted with vines and divided into different plots producing different wines. The rest is given over to scrubland where wildlife flourishes and vegetation such as rosemary and thyme lend their heady aromas to the wines.

The climate, soil and grape varietals of each estate are fundamental to the quality of the wines produced by Familia Martinez Bujanda. And by visiting these estates in person, wine-lovers can gain a deeper understanding of where the wine comes from and experience for themselves the landscape that makes every bottle so special.