Escape to the château

Cabinet Le Nail

Family real estate firm Cabinet Le Nail holds the keys to some of France’s most beautiful and unique châteaux

The beauty of a french château is something that is admired all over the world and the experts at Cabinet Le Nail, a family real estate firm specialising in French châteaux, constantly receive inquiries from clients located across the globe. “Why do people want to buy a château?” asks Gonzague Le Nail, who started working at his father’s company 23 years ago. “They require a lot of attention and are a major commitment, like having children. But these properties are part of something bigger that you cannot hold. They have been here for several centuries across history and have known the kings of France. It is tangible and historic. Lots of people are interested in that.”

Fascination in French châteaux has never been higher, with huge numbers currently seeking to purchase some of the security and space presented by these properties. Gonzague confesses he is like a “boy at Christmas” each time they engage a new property, relishing the beautiful interiors and architecture, as well as the rich history. It is these qualities that he and his team then convey to potential buyers through their own exceptional service, as, like a matchmaker, they try to connect each item in their vast portfolio with the ideal purchaser.

“When you buy an extraordinary property, people want a level of service that goes with it,” he says. “That means you need people with knowledge and experience, and we have based our business on offering this type of service. We are a family business and that allows us to do things differently, with everybody working with the same purpose and the same aim. It means you save a lot of time for yourself and your clients.”

Le Nail brings knowledge of the market as well as an understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities presented by properties of distinction. “A property might need updating, but if it is historic and has a beautiful setting we want to represent it,” says Gonzague. “These are the qualities that are eternal – the architecture and the landscape – and we only work with properties of character. We then offer the highest level of service, which brings added value, and that brings satisfaction to our clients, along with more work for ourselves.”