Casa Dragones

Casa Dragones specializes in premium, small-batch tequila with a smooth finish that puts it alongside the most refined sipping spirits

From the moment Bertha González Nieves visited her first tequila distillery in her early twenties, she decided this was what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. “Standing in the agave fields that had been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, seeing the agaves – the green and blue plants that are so noble and so generous – left a huge impression on me,” says the founder of ultra-premium tequila producer Casa Dragones and the first woman to be certified as “Maestra Tequilera” by the Academia Mexicana de Catadores de Tequila. “My ambition was to expand the tequila repertoire through Mexican craftsmanship and modern production and show that tequila could compete with premium sipping spirits like single malts and cognacs.”

Casa Dragones took its name from a cavalry regiment whose conspiratorial meeting led to the Mexican War of Independence. Formed in 2009, for five years Casa Dragones produced only one type of tequila – the Joven – but this has since been joined by the Blanco, which can be drunk with ice or in signature cocktails, and the new Barrel Bland, which is matured in two different wood barrels. “Our quest with our first product was to make a tequila for sipping that could pair with any food,” explains Bertha. “We have always drunk tequila with Mexican cuisine but we believe it can pair with all international cuisines. With modern production we tried to remove some of the harsh alcohol notes and instead push to the front the complexity the plant has to offer.”

Crucial to the company philosophy is the elevation of Mexican tradition and craftsmanship. This is present in the spirit, which comes from agave grown in mineral-rich volcanic soil at the perfect altitude, and with natural spring water, but also in the hand-engraved crystal bottles that use the Mexican technique of “pepita”. Every bottle of Joven is hand-tied with black ribbon to commemorate the ties worn by the Dragones cavalry. It’s this attention to detail that has made Casa Dragones the tequila of choice by discerning drinkers, cocktail mixers and restaurateurs around the world. “They see it as soon as they set eyes on the bottle,” says Bertha. “This is something different and it is something to be savoured.”