D1 London

D1 London Spirits uses the most sophisticated distillation techniques and ingredients to deliver gin, vodka and flavour of the highest quality

Since founding D1 London Spirits six years ago, Dominic Limbrey has made innovation, creativity and integrity central to his products. His award-winning D1 London Gin uses a quadruple-distillation process. In it, botanicals of coriander, orange, lemon peel, angelica root, cassia bark, almond, liquorice and nettle complement – rather than mask – the essential taste of juniper berry. Similarly, D1 Potato Vodka uses a complex distillation process to ensure it retains a classy, creamy taste. Both drinks come in distinctive bottles designed by contemporary artist Jacky Tsai.

While other distillers will add chemical flavourings and sugar to their drinks, Dominic believes in the purity of doing things well. “We ensure at the outset that the quality is exceptional so we don’t need to mask the process,” he says. “That’s not important for everybody but it’s a vital part of what we do.”

To these core products, Dominic has added two further innovative lines. DJ’s Cold Infusion pockets and DJ’s Cocktail Infusers create six long drinks and six classic cocktail flavours. Developed with a master tea blender, these infusions contain a range of botanicals chosen both for their taste and for their ability to react with the alcohol to release a vivid palate of flavours. “They range from herbaceous and aromatic to bold and spicy,” says Dominic. “Some are very delicate and some are intense and fruity. The aroma is strong and rich, and the colour is beautiful and bold. Our cold infusions pockets and cocktail infusers were designed to innovate and disrupt. Some manufacturers add sugar and chemicals to get these flavours but we have used our wonderful garden of botanicals. Alcohol draws out that flavour and produces drinks with wonderful integrity.”

DJ’s Cocktail Infusers work in much the same way, achieving the sophistication of a well-mixed cocktail through the very best natural ingredients. “If you look at a Long Island ice tea cocktail it contains gin, vodka, rum, tequila, triple sec, lemon and a splash
of cola,” says Dominic. “You can break them back to their botanical flavour components and blend them together. You can then take a basic vodka and soda and add the infusion to make the Long Island. All of a sudden you have the flavour of a great cocktail produced with just three ingredients. You can do the same with a margarita or a daiquiri. The challenge with cocktails is getting the quantities of the measures right; and also simply having all the ingredients. Now if you can make a cup of tea, you can make the cocktail.”

Both DJ’s Infusions come in a biodegradable, 100 per cent starch bag with a 12-pocket variety pack featuring a patented hand-polished stainless steel stirring spoon. DJ’s can be added to D1 London Gin or Potato Vodka to create 12 new drink styles and flavours from one single bottle of spirit.

Dominic is passionate and excited about what he does, but never loses sight of the need to do things properly, without any of the shortcuts that devalue a product and with it, the customer experience. “We produce the things we do with very high integrity and very high quality,” he says. “That is our brand and we want people to trust us for that. I want customers to know that everything we have done has been thought about and executed properly. We will continue to push the boundaries but what I am not prepared to do is compromise on taste and quality.”