Bassman Blaine Home

Bassman Blaine Home uses its vast sales and marketing relationships to provide high-end interior design for some very upmarket residences

Founded in 2008 as a stand-alone division of Bassman Blaine – the home furnishing industry’s largest independent sales management and marketing consultancy – Bassman Blaine Home applies its parent company’s experience to create a full-service, luxury interior design firm that’s already at the very top of its game.

To come so far in such a short amount of time is an impressive enough feat on its own, but even more so because Bassman Blaine Home actually started by accident. A personal friend of the firm’s co-Principal Ken Bassman had bought a luxury home as a rental property in Hawaii and wanted it professionally furnished, but – even after Ken had suggested a few designers – couldn’t find a firm that she was entirely happy with. That, ultimately, led to what became Bassman Blaine Home’s very first project.

“I said to my friend, very tongue-in-cheek, that I’d do her place for her,” Ken says. “Her response was something like ‘I didn’t know you did that.’ And I said, ‘Well, we really don’t, but your place is already built, so it’s really just furnishing, decorating and putting it all together.’ After a number of conversations, she took us on.” Not only was Ken’s friend thoroughly impressed by his work, but so was the director of the rental programme. The rest, as they say, is history.

Bassman Blaine Home has now provided those same impeccable design skills for more than 750 clients in 17 US states and seven different countries. It now has its own team of designers in place and infrastructure that can make your house – or your second house – the home of your dreams. The company, if desired, even does ground-up construction. But it’s all delivered with the same personal touch that Ken gave to his friend that very first time.

“We have a wonderful team,” he says, “and we can do every part of it, from material specs and elevations and helping build the home to everything the home needs – ceiling treatments, reflective ceiling plans, lighting, home automation, audio and video, down to housewares such as sheets and towels and mattresses. And, of course, we offer an incredible selection of furniture and home furnishings as well. We do whatever anyone needs, and we do it very differently – with what I like to call a phenomenal client-centric process.”

What that means, essentially, is that Bassman Blaine Home listens to the client and gives them what they want, rather than what the designer wants, as can so often happen. Generally, Ken estimates that a brand-new home will take 90 to 120 days to complete from the first consultation.

“Being rooted in wholesale means that we also have the best available pricing and open accounts with the best vendors in the industry,” says Ken. “We also have the resources to do projects at the beach, at the desert, in the mountains, in the city – from high-style cutting-edge contemporary to farmhouse and traditional homes.” And while Bassman Blaine Home offers the most meticulous service in the industry and usually works on multi-million-dollar properties, that doesn’t mean the service they provide is overpriced. In fact, the company has a long (and unusual) history of never exceeding their quoted price for a project.

“We have never been a day late,” says Ken, “and we have never been a dollar over budget.  That’s why our tagline is ‘Delivering dream homes and exceeding expectations’ – because that’s exactly what we do.”