Diamonds are forever

Rocka’s Diamonds

Producing gems that are inspired by nature and crafted by artists, Rocka’s Diamonds makes special moments entirely unforgettable

It is estimated that 84 per cent of the world’s rough diamonds pass through Antwerp each year, making the Belgian city’s square-mile diamond district worth around $54 billion. For obvious reasons, this is where Hugh Bodet chose to locate Rocka’s Diamonds, the jewellers he founded that allows him to maintain his lifelong fascination with stones, gems and minerals, while creating memorable and unique pieces for customers.

“Our master craftsmen use the very finest materials to create jewellery that reflects a very special and sentimental moment, whether it’s a wedding or an engagement ring, or a present for a birthday or anniversary,” says Hugh. “We want people to feel those strong emotions. Of course, you can marry more than once in your life, but every occasion is different and should be special.”

For Hugh, the story begins with a love story – or two love stories. The first is his own childhood enthusiasm for stones and pebbles, those tiny miracles of nature found on every beach in the world. He loved their shape and feel, and the fact they were millions of years old. He even loved the pieces of glass that were softened and shaped by time and tide, so they took on an entirely new structure. “All of this fascinated me and I wanted to understand how it happened,” he says.

After starting a course as a goldsmith, Hugh began to learn more about the trade. Then, inspired by his love for his wife, he became determined to share that feeling with people who were about to experience their own engagement or marriage. Working with the finest Belgian craftsmen and located in Antwerp – the centre of world trade in precious stones – Rocka’s Diamonds began to create unique pieces for clients, often inspired by nature and the sea.

“When we get in contact with a customer, we try to absorb a lot of information about their passions, their lives and their tastes, so we can create something completely unique for them,” says Hugh. “We then have all the technology to create very quick, efficient and accurate models that they can examine to perfect and adapt. Once that is done, we begin the process of smelting gold, finding the best stones and putting it all together. We want to give our customers uniqueness, but we also want to give them something that is affordable. It is the best in quality and craftsmanship, but at a reasonable price.”

In Antwerp’s diamond quarter there are countless jewellers large and small, but Hugh’s ambition is to be the “small light that shines the brightest”. He will achieve this through his passion for jewellery and the expertise of the local artisans and goldsmiths, who understand the specific qualities of every type of gemstone and precious metal. They are able to work with Hugh to recreate a customer’s most brilliant fantasy, to commemorate those moments in life that should never be forgotten.

“There is a great phrase here in Belgium, which we say in both French and Dutch, and it means ‘unity makes strength’,” says Hugh. “That is something we believe in very much. When we work with our customers and our craftsmen, we can create something very special together. There’s a story behind everything we do, but most of all we want to make our customers happy.”