McCollister's Auto Transport

For nearly 75 years, McCollister’s Auto Transport – based in New Jersey – has been ensuring that a vehicle owner’s pride and joy is transported safely, efficiently and personably. For this company, conveying luxury vehicles is more than a delivery service – it’s a love affair with a work of auto art.

Each year its expert drivers transport between 7,000 and 10,000 vehicles, and the company has become closely associated with a number of high-end marques, Rolls-Royce being one. “People have a more sentimental relationship with their Rolls-Royce,” says Gabrielle Sanson, McCollister’s Marketing Director. “These are automobiles that have been passed down and become family heirlooms.”

McCollister’s has been closely involved with the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club for some years, and has developed a relationship with many of its members, attending annual meets at Asheville, Tahoe and Detroit, among other events throughout the year. “We are all brought together to share a love for these exquisite automobiles,” says Gabrielle. “Our team is able to admire the beautiful cars, connect with new and existing customers and ensure all transport is going smoothly.”

CEO and President H. Daniel McCollister emphasizes that McCollister’s specially trained drivers know how to handle these rare and beautiful pieces with care. “These cars are works of art, so it’s a love affair with the automobile. Most Rolls-Royces and Bentleys are hand-built, and you have to appreciate it from the skill sets of the workmen and honour that throughout the transport.”

There is a story behind every individual Rolls-Royce purchase that McCollister’s transports. “It’s the one car they always wanted to have when they were a kid, or it was their grandfather’s car,” says Daniel. Indeed, Gabrielle is currently having her Rolls-Royce refurbished and restored, a painstaking three-year process. “Mine might be a 1960 model, and the guy next to me has a 1932, but we’ll still talk about the engines and the workings, its previous owners, or who has done the restoration,” she says. “It is exciting to talk about your cars and their sentiment. That’s really what the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club meet allows us to do.”

Among McCollister’s clients are manufacturers of premium marques, as well as celebrities including former footballer Michael Strahan, baseball star Reggie Jackson, basketball player LeBron James, chat show host Jay Leno, former NASCAR driver Richard Petty and former network anchor Tom Brokaw. “People with precious cars are not going to trust anyone to move their car or car collection who doesn’t have the same level of appreciation that we have,” says Dan. “I guess what separates us from everybody else is that our drivers do this routinely, and they understand the passion.”

In its care for cars and car owners, McCollister’s offers an exclusive transportation service, one that is interactive and entails working closely with each client. “We have collectors who have four or five cars, and some with 250 cars,” says Dan. “And those folks really want their hands held through the entire process. Our team is well-versed. They know how to react to, work with, speak with a customer, making sure the customer is at ease, and instilling confidence throughout the process. That is so important to us. We strive to deliver excellence every day, and it has been our motto for more than 70 years.”