Crystal clear

Nayeli's Luxury Art

Nayeli Luxury Art creates dramatic, sculpted, three-dimensional paintings by making inventive use of epoxy resin and crystals

The artist who goes by the name Nayeli creates art from the very nature that inspires her. She paints with epoxy resin, creating dramatic shiny structures with a heat gun and spatula, and she then adds beautiful hand-picked crystals – rock crystal like frozen ice; the pinky-purple amethyst; and the glass-like milky sheen of rose quartz. She calls these unique creations “luxury art” and she has been invited to exhibit in London, Las Vegas and New York. “I call it ‘luxury’ art because of the composition of unique art, noble designs, exclusively selected crystals and high-quality products that feature in every single picture,” she explains.

Having grown up in a small town in Bavaria on the edge of a forest, Nayeli was always surrounded by nature. Her first forays into visual art saw her exhibit watercolours, but she found this did not fulfil her sufficiently so she started to look for other media to work with. She gravitated to acrylic and alcohol ink before discovering the magical qualities of epoxy resin. Her art is founded in self-expression. “The search for myself and inner peace, self-love and meaning brought me to my art,” she says. “In my personal healing process I was drawn more and more to crystals and resin art. The different consistencies of resin and the reflective, smooth and high-gloss surface is so beautiful.”

Nayeli personally selects all of the crystals she uses in her artworks and uses high-quality resin that is produced and bottled in Germany. Her pieces come in different sizes and she can create larger pieces on request. “I want to awaken memories in people and make them laugh through my art,” she says. “I want to encourage people to grow in self-love and self-acceptance, and realize his or her full potential and lead a happy and fruitful life of happiness and confidence through my life story.”

She listens to the meditative sounds of “binaural beats” while working, which increases her focus, concentration and motivation. She sometimes streams these creative sessions on her Twitch account. “My art is inspired by nature, the wonderful world of crystals and their healing abilities,” she says. “Nature creates the most beautiful colours, shapes and structures. This fascinates and inspires me at the same time.”