Crème de la crème

La Vallée

From its home in the Alps, Swiss cosmetic and skincare firm La Vallée fuses the best in Swiss biochemistry with the magic of the natural world to create products women know they can rely on. Whether the inspiration for its products comes from rare Alpine butterflies or the latest innovations in laser technology, La Vallée is committed to transforming expectations and delivering exceptional results. This unique combination gives modern women what Knirke Fester Schindler, La Vallée’s Brand Director, describes as “perpetual confidence”.

“For us, it is all about our connection with the customers,” says Knirke. “Everybody has a unique beauty and at La Vallée we have a team of experts who can connect with the client and advise them on the treatment and products to find the ideal solution for their needs. It is customized, tailor-made, and it makes people feel good about themselves. We want to bring confidence to our clients so that whatever they are doing, whether it’s giving a presentation to the board, travelling or socialising – they have confidence that comes from knowing that they are feeling and looking their best.”

The skincare firm was founded by Peter Yip, a pioneer in Swiss luxury skincare and cosmeceuticals since the 1970s. In 2005, he started La Vallée, a company that combines science and nature to provide exceptional skincare solutions for customers who demand and deserve the very best. La Vallée now offers a range of customized solutions from selective perfumeries, niche department stores and spas in North America, the Middle East and Europe, including a new landmark spa in Fairmont, Monte Carlo. Knirke joined the team in 2018 to help take the brand into the next stage of its development. Since then it has been about expanding on core knowledge and experience with new innovations in ingredients, technology and packaging while remaining true to the established traditions and high expectations of luxury Swiss cosmetics.

La Vallée’s seven product collections include those for cleansing, moisturizing, lightening, sun care and anti-ageing. These are made with Swiss scientific expertise and pure Alpine glacier water: so vital regenerative power is drawn directly from mineral and plant resources. The native natural world also provides powerful inspiration. For instance, the Ptilocephala pyrenaella is a small, rare butterfly from the Alpine valleys with exceptional survival powers. Biologists discovered that the secret of the butterfly’s eternal youth is hidden in the nectar of the Buddleja Davidii – the butterfly tree – that acts as its food source. La Vallée products therefore include Nectapure Protective Complex, which contains extracts of Buddleja Davidii and Thymus Vulgaris. By drawing on the most innovative research in dermo-cosmetics, the experts at La Vallée have pinpointed the unique benefits to be derived from this synergy of plant extracts, essential oils and vegetal complexes. Then there is the Caviar Essence collection, a luxury cream that utilises the exceptional regenerative properties of caviar extract, which is rich in natural proteins, minerals, essential amino acids and Vitamin A. The STX-Cell collection is a unique vegan treatment that regenerates skin on a cellular level through the synergy of two ingredients drawn from plant stem cells – Cellintegrity and BioNymph Peptide Complex, in combination with flax flower extract. A Special Treatment line offers targeted treatments. One is designed for sensitive skin that reacts to external and internal factors such as stress, pollution, UV rays or seasonal changes. Another is for skin that needs to recover and find its balance after non-invasive aesthetic treatments.

“We create new high-tech solutions in terms of products and formulas but also with the equipment and devices we use,” says Knirke. “La Vallée has a specific laser device that we use for our treatments in the spas and we are one of the only brands that has dedicated equipment that works with our own products. It has five proven technologies in one machine so we are able to do a number of face and body treatments, including lifting, firming, oxygenating, toning and slimming, and we have a collection of products that complement the machine and enhance the results. This is because we believe that the ambitious woman, especially today, wants her beauty rituals in a safe and secure space with treatments that ensure fast and visible results.”

This commitment to both people and nature can be seen in the causes that La Vallée supports. These include the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation for the protection of the global ocean, Princess Stéphanie’s Fight AIDS Monaco foundation and the Heart for India Foundation, which helps provide education and opportunity for underprivileged girls in India. “These are part of our core values,” says Knirke. “We have a concern about the world and the climate and our customers also demand that. So for every product sold we donate an amount to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and we create sustainable gift boxes for the guests to his annual gala. We want to empower people. This connection to people and communities is very important for La Vallée.”

Nowhere can this be appreciated more fully than in the stunning La Vallée spas, which bring the heritage of Swiss cosmetic tradition to the next level in idyllic surroundings. The Flagship La Vallée Fairmont Monte-Carlo offers a complete treatment experience and is fully operational but is set to get even better, with a grand re-opening following renovation in March 2022. It uses only La Vallée products and equipment, entrusted to a select team of highly trained beauticians who understand the brand and can find the best solution for any individual customer. Here Swiss expertise meets the purity of nature to deliver timeless beauty and affordable luxury.

“Our customers do not have a whole lot of time, so if they are spending some time and money on making themselves feel good, they want it to be worth it,” says Knirke. “Because the treatments are tailor-made to the customer’s unique needs, we are able to build very close and intense relationships with our customers. This connection is essential.”