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SM London

Design firm SM London specializes in sophisticated, handcrafted British furniture of the highest quality

“People are looking for the details that say, ‘This is handmade, it’s special and it’s unique’,” observes Marcela Armond, Director of Creative and Brand Identity at SM London. “I think that’s where we stand out from the crowd.” Based in west London, the company produces luxury furniture and upholstery in a classic British style and is rapidly building a loyal customer base around the world.

SM London was founded in 2009 by Marcela’s husband, Ramon, who started out as an upholstery apprentice in his family’s business in Brazil when he was just 13. In SM London he has brought his years of experience together with a meticulous attention to detail and a passion for beautiful design. Robust frames are handcrafted using beech wood, kiln-dried to ensure strength, and then worked by highly skilled artisans with years of experience. Customers can choose to customize any item from SM London’s collection, or to order something completely bespoke. The quality of every piece is paramount. “Nothing leaves our premises that is less than perfect,” says Marcela.

SM London also prides itself on its customer service, doing everything it can to meet its clientele’s needs. The brand’s dedicated salespeople get to know their customers’ tastes and preferences, and some clients have been returning for many years.

The business originally grew through word of mouth and worked primarily with interior designers, but it now has a strong following on social media and is attracting many more customers directly, drawn by SM London’s distinctively British look. While simple, clean lines have dominated the market recently, Marcela says discerning customers are seeking out something a bit different. “People are looking for sophistication; they want to see deep buttoning, piping, show wood and studs. Nothing over the top, still a classic design, but something that evokes luxury.”

As its brand has grown, SM London has been expanding internationally. It now has a showroom in Canada and an outlet in the Republic of Ireland, with another opening in Florida this year. It’s an exciting time for SM London, and the company’s success is testament to its dedication to producing luxurious handmade pieces that are designed and built to be treasured for a lifetime.