TRUE LOVE uses authentic handcrafting techniques and natural materials to create sustainable luxury lifestyle items

In the beginning was a vision – the vision to create a high-quality Swiss lifestyle brand that stands for core values of sustainability, quality and emotion. It’s a vision that created TRUE LOVE. “We want to make a human connection through our products, a genuine, honest connection based on authentic craftsmanship and sustainability,” says a company spokesperson.

The brand name not only reflects a love of luxury and design, but also expresses a love of the planet. The philosophy is one of timeless designs made by artisans using sustainable, carefully sourced natural leathers and natural fibres. It attaches important to high quality, longevity and provenance to set a real counterpoint to general fashion trends. “It’s more than just branding,” says the spokesperson. “Our unique brand philosophy arises from an inner attitude towards sustainable luxury and stands for traditional craftsmanship, precious natural materials, timeless designs and respect for people and the planet.”

A starting point for the brand is to ask: what is an honest product? It uses environmentally friendly and socially responsible production throughout the entire product life cycle. When working with leather, for instance, the company needs to know where the animal skin comes from. For its bags and accessories, the brand uses only leather which comes from the most sustainable production processes possible and which is treated with vegetable dyes in a selection of warm, natural shades.

“Care is also taken to ensure that the grain and the natural characteristics of the leather – the fine lines, veins and pores – remain visible,” says the spokesperson. “Each precious piece is handcrafted in a small network of family-owned workshops in Tuscany, where the expertise acquired over generations and the appreciation for materials and craftsmanship are brought to bear.”

Likewise, the brand uses only the best wools for its products, including cashmere and the wool of a South American camelid called a vicuña. “The high-quality wool is of exceptional beauty, delicacy and softness,” says the spokesperson, “and is hand-woven with love and care into unique pieces.” The company also forms long-term partnerships based on trust with its suppliers, customers and employees. While it maintains a presence on social media, it doesn’t advertise or use professional models to promote its products, believing that customers are its best brand ambassadors.

TRUE LOVE was founded in 2014 and is now part of the portfolio of Swiss Nobel Group, which focuses on environmental compatibility and sustainability as well as investing in natural resources. The philosophy to create a sustainable and authentic luxury brand is still core to its operations.

“We invest time and trouble making products that will keep our customers happy for 10 or 20 years,” says the spokesperson. “Customers today are much more attentive than they were in the past. They thoroughly question their buying behaviour and understand luxury as an expression of their values. An authentic luxury lifestyle brand like ours is not just a fashion statement – it becomes a commitment to genuine values that are important today but will become even more meaningful in the future.”