Sophia Nubes

Sophia Nubes has established a unique style, combining elegant comfort with Italian quality and design

Everything about the Sophia Nubes brand is meticulously planned and designed, beginning with the name. Elena Pioli, art director and one of the founders of the company, knew exactly what she wanted to create. “I’ve had this vision for 30 years, so seeing it come to fruition is so exciting,” she says. “The name translates as ‘knowledge of the clouds’, reflecting the concept we started out with of making couture garments from the most beautiful jersey fabric, resulting in elegant, feminine comfort.”

In partnership with product manager Giulia Torricelli and designer Martina Bravaro, Elena started Sophia Nubes in 2016, aiming to showcase Italy’s reputation for style and beauty in fashion. “We have two main themes in our designs,” says Elena. “Firstly, we produce a total look, which means our collections have something for everyone, from couture to casual. Secondly, we develop our style day by day, listening to our customers and our buyers.”

The label’s first collection was shown at Arab Fashion Week in Dubai and had an instant, positive impact. “Clients recognize the style, while buyers recognize how we collaborate with professionals,” says Elena. “Our showroom is in Milan and our clientele come from all over the world to this famous fashion area. If a brand is accepted in Milan, it connects with the world’s best PRs, photographers and stylists, and this reinforces our belief in our brand. Style and quality is inherent in our work from the word go, and it has been an instant hit.”

Planning a collection takes time and enthusiasm, as the team aims for a fresh new look. “We start with the fabrics, then add colour, then all the detail, such as embroidery,” says Elena. “In Italy we have many different fabrics to work with, so we’re starting with quality. It’s apparent in every garment, especially since the look is one of elegant comfort, which is so important to our clients. This quality continues in the style, image and creativity, a theme that resonates strongly with everyone we’re working with.” Sophia Nubes also ensures that all the company’s profits go to charity.

“We’re now collaborating a lot with Arab Fashion Week as this is a really important platform for ready couture,” she adds. “We’re confident that the latest Sophia Nubes collection will be absolutely stunning and delight our clients as much as it delights us.”