Budism Couture

Budism Couture is a relatively recent arrival to the world of haute couture, and is a company that prides itself on adhering to those traditional Parisian dressmaking values of integrity, craftsmanship, savoir faire and discretion. Founded by young designer Budi Adji, Budism Couture produces stunning bespoke handmade dresses that draw on the experience and skills of French ateliers as well as Budi’s own enthusiasm for craftsmanship and timelessness.

“I don’t follow trends,” he says. “I refer a lot to old archives to study the patterns and techniques. Haute couture needs to be well made and timeless. It has to be just as attractive and exquisite in 20 years as it is now. It’s like car collecting: those expertly engineered cars that were beautiful in the 1920s are just as beautiful today.”

The designers and dressmakers of Budism Couture place high value on the traditional skills and deep knowledge of long-established Parisian ateliers. Budi is determined that the company will always support these craftsmen, who once numbered in the thousands and are now reduced to a handful of survivors. He insists on upholding artistic independence, industry integrity and the intimacy of haute couture in the face of the growing hegemony of large corporations in the luxury fashion business.

“We have a very close relationship with our embroiderers and fabric suppliers,” he says. “They are incredibly gifted and provide us with a lot of inside knowledge. They tell us which cotton thread we need and the only store in Paris that stocks it. You won’t get this in books or in any school.”

Budism Couture started when Budi was asked to design a wedding dress for a friend. It was such a success that he began to take on similar work and now travels the world to meet new clients, creating a number of elegant dresses for all types of occasions. The process begins with a face-to-face meeting as Budi believes that this interaction is important as the client needs to know they are in very safe hands. “As a result of this trust, the relationship with a client can become very close,” he says. “This helps ensure that a dress is not only unique but also perfectly suited to the person wearing it. Our signature silhouette is simple, alluring and tailored exclusively for each woman.”

Although Budism Couture places a high value on those traditional qualities of craftsmanship and timelessness, there is still room for innovation. One dress is currently being designed that uses a material developed for water filtration, which is strong and light and has a stunning shimmering quality.

Budi takes inspiration from his surroundings, both the natural world and the environment in which he lives and works. One recent dress had a lily-of-the-valley design after Budi was struck by the decoration on an heirloom tea cup he was using. Budism Couture then worked on this theme by commissioning matching shoes from a world-class shoemaker, and then presenting the client with a hand-painted porcelain tea set from one of Europe’s oldest porcelain manufacturers to match the completed dress. It is a perfect example of the lengths that Budism Couture will go to in its determination to create the perfect dress and curate the perfect memory.