Goldmund uses high-end Swiss craftsmanship to create audio equipment that looks and sounds incredible

Not many hi-fi manufacturers have had a pair of speakers on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, which tells you something about the equipment produced by Swiss-based company Goldmund. The original Apologue model, a jaw-dropping tower of cubes designed by Italian artist Claudio Rotta-Loria, was a groundbreaking piece of equipment that looks as extraordinary today as it did when it was launched in 1987. “It is very rare for a speaker to be seen as both state-of-the-art and a piece of art,” says Rob Wilson, founder of Sonata, the UK’s exclusive supplier of Goldmund equipment. “They look incredible and they sound even better.”

The company was founded in France in 1978. In 1982, it was acquired by Michel Reverchon, a passionate music lover, who moved the company to Switzerland as he wanted to utilise the precise processes and finest suppliers of the Swiss watchmaking industry. The alliance of art and technology that can be found throughout Goldmund’s approach is reinforced by the company motto, “Ostinato rigore”. “It used to be Leonardo da Vinci’s motto,” says Michel. “It is also ours and it means ‘constant rigour’. We offer perfection in an imperfect world. Goldmund sound systems live up to their promise – to bring music and movies to life.”

The first revolutionary product was the Reference turntable, which Rob says was a “huge step forward in performance and manufacturing quality that turned that market on its head”. Goldmund has continued to release revolutionary products in every area of audio reproduction, from amplifiers and loudspeakers to digital processing and home cinema. It has never lost the art of innovation and is always mindful of the latest technology and fashion, for example the pioneering use of wireless connectivity in its speakers. However, never being one to follow industry trends, the company often develops its own improved technologies, ensuring that Goldmund systems have superior sound detail, width, depth and physical impact but that’s not all.

Whereas other sound systems colour the original recording, a Goldmund system offers utmost transparency, reproducing the most natural and lifelike sound. All Goldmund products are examples of exceptional craftsmanship and luxurious finishing, as well as market-defining sound and vision technology. This is kit so good that award-winning record producers are among those who visit Rob to play their test pressings on the latest Goldmund equipment.

The company is committed to delivering a high-value experience, so Rob and his team will always personally install new systems for a client, while the home cinema set-ups are carefully calibrated by Goldmund’s engineers in Geneva, creating the perfect, bespoke listening environment for each individual customer.

“The number of speakers can be adapted for the configuration of any cinema room, depending on size and shape of the space,” explains Marketing Director Cintia Pino. “We will help choose what is most appropriate depending on the budget and the expectation of the client.”

Goldmund uses a proprietary software to calculate the ideal set-up for a room, creating the most immersive and realistic experience. Once installed, the system is simple to operate. “We have always pushed the boundaries of technology to achieve ultra-realistic sonic experiences, while matching contemporary needs,” says Cintia. “We want them to be more convenient to use, allying our ‘reference grade’ audio quality with a streamlined modern lifestyle.”