“The idea behind Esthechoc is very simple,” says Alicja Psiuk, Marketing Director of the world’s first dark chocolate food supplement. “We believe you are what you eat. So, with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet, you look healthier and more beautiful outside.”

The technology behind the brand, however, is quite complex. Developed with scientists formerlyof the University of Cambridge, Esthechoc is the result of 10 years’ extensive independent research into cocoa polyphenols and free radicals, as well as clinical exploration and numerous trials.

The final product is a sophisticated hybrid made from 70 per cent cocoa premium dark chocolate which has been scientifically tested and clinically proven to improve skin biomarker management. “This is luxury meets science,” says Alicja. “Not only is Esthechoc a guilt-free treat, but it has been developed by world-class chocolatiers in partnership with Cambridge scientists, so it has huge beauty benefits while also being delicious in taste.

“Our chocolate mass is beautifully smooth and melts in your mouth,” Alicja continues. “It is produced in Milan using very high-quality cocoa, so it tastes just like a luxury chocolate – well-balanced and satisfying. It’s low-calorie, too, at only 38 calories per portion.”

But how does Esthechoc work? On the basis of long-term scientific examinations, it was observed that chocolate containing health-promoting polyphenolic epicatechins and astaxanthin – nature’s strongest antioxidant – significantly improves skin biomarkers.

“Our technology makes these active substances much more bioavailable,” says Alicja. “The normal bioavailability of epicatechins is not high, which means that to enjoy the effects evidenced in our studies, you would have to consume at least 60g to 70g of dark chocolate per day.

“Astaxanthin, on the other hand, is not very abundant in our everyday diet,” she adds. “It is present in fish and prawns, but in relatively small quantities – and, again, we would need to eat large portions daily to reap the benefits.”

The solution is a new technology and a new chocolate production process that allows scientists to miniaturize these significant health benefits into just 7.5g of luxury dark chocolate.

“Our technology is cutting-edge,” Alicja says, “but our philosophy is the same espoused by Hippocrates thousands of years ago: let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” In which case, medicine has never tasted so good.