Canvas masterpieces

Yurts for Life

Yurts for Life specializes in luxury yurts for glampers, festivalgoers, private clubs and corporate functions

“I had no previous experience of yurts when I took this business on,” explains Sacha Macey, owner of the luxury yurt business Yurts for Life. Some might say that buying a yurt company under these conditions was a risky move. But for Sacha – a trained engineer with a background in the military – it was half of the appeal.

“I knew that these incredible, semi-permanent structures were special, and that people loved them – even the kind of people who might not be seen dead in a normal tent,” she says. “I love problem solving and taking on new challenges. The past five years since I took on the business have been an incredible learning curve.”

After making the decision to bring everything in-house – woodwork, canvassing, and all – Sacha has focused her energies on perfecting the manufacturing process, resulting in a quality of product that is second-to-none. “There is a noticeable difference in the stitching of our canvas, the smoothness of our wood and the finish compared to other yurt manufacturers,” says Sacha. “We also canvas fit every yurt – so before the client receives it, we put up the wooden frame and position the roof canvas on top to make sure everything fits.”

Sacha supplies yurts to yoga studios, glamping sites and boutique hotels – all the usual suspects, all over the world. But it is her sense of adventure that drives the Devon-based business, and there is no yurt-related-challenge she will not accept.

“We can make yurts from 3 metres to 12 metres in diameter for any client, location or occasion,” she explains. “Everything is doable. Last year we shipped 15 bespoke yurts, including roll-top baths, to the client’s design, along with a floating sauna yurt to Norway for the opening of a boutique campsite on the coast. It is stunning!”

Offering clients the chance to rent or own their very own yurt, previous commissions have ranged from the Beaufort Polo Club, to a silent disco in the English countryside, to an ultra-high-net-worth client who wanted a guest yurt for her private island off the coast of Greece.

“Every build is different and presents new challenges, which I love,” says Sacha. “My team can sometimes get frustrated with me because I say yes to everything! I’d love to make the largest yurt in the world. I’m just waiting on that commission.”