Built to last


VYN’s stylish trainers come laced with longevity – interchangeable parts for personalisation and ease of repair that help the environment one step at a time

It is time to reinvent the trainer. That is the belief of Swiss designers Stefan Mathys and Catherine Meuter, who formed VYN in 2019, after 25 years designing shoes for some of the best-known brands. VYN pledges to do things differently. Its stylish, sustainable trainers are handcrafted in a traditional family-run factory in northern Italy from traceable European materials, and will last for years.

The VYN Classic is the world’s first trainer that you can personalise, with heel and sole parts that can be removed and replaced as you like. Research has shown that these parts are the most vulnerable in a trainer and normally cannot be replaced. VYN changes that with its simple but brilliant concept, which makes the VYN Classic your favourite trainer for a long time. “We want our trainers to be everybody’s favourite pair, so you can love them for longer,” says Stefan.

Everything within them is made of the finest materials: the upper uses calfskin from Germany, the lining is high-quality Italian leather, and there is a one-piece cork insole from Portugal for ultimate comfort. The heel replacement comes in four different colours, so you can change it depending on your daily style.

“We designed a trainer that is made to last and can be renewed any time – responsibility works best when it’s fun. We also want to create meaningful, unique collaborations with exclusive brands and partners to elevate the elements of colour of the heel details, while the timeless, modern design will never go out of fashion.”

VYN plans to partner with a US company to ensure its trainers, which are available via the company website and at selected boutiques in Switzerland and the UK, are properly recycled after use. Stefan also envisages building the brand through pop-up events, so that customers can see, touch and understand the revolutionary concept as well as the impeccable craftsmanship.

“We take a holistic view that is different from the approach of most manufacturers,” he says. “In society, there is a shift towards a slower, deeper appreciation of craft and this is where we excel. VYN is built on transparency and responsibility, rather than a short-term, profit-driven approach. It’s important that people in the footwear industry start to think differently, and we want to be a lighthouse project to change the industry for the better.”