The Radinn electric jetboard started life as a student project, when founder Alexander Lind decided to try integrating an engine into a surfboard. Excited by the possibilities of his creation, Alexander went on to launch the world’s first mass-produced jetboard. Watersports enthusiasts around the world were keen to try it out and Radinn – the brand that Alexander Lind founded – is now establishing jetboarding as a new sport, pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the water.

“It’s not only a new product,” says Alex Fuehrling, Head of Brand Experience at Radinn. “It’s a new way to enjoy watersports – the feeling of e-mobility on water.” It can be used on any expanse of water, from lakes to rivers to the open sea, without the need for a wave or the wind, and although it has similarities to other boards, Alex stresses that jetboarding is a completely different experience. “It’s something totally new, that’s why people are interested in it,” he says.

Jetboarding is also easy to master – Alex says that most people are able to stand on the board on their first attempt. And, with practice, they can take this new sport much further, pushing themselves and the jetboard to new limits.

Alexander Lind came up with the idea while he was studying at Lund University in Sweden. Although a motorized surfboard is not a new concept (the first patents were awarded a century ago), the difficulties involved in combining electric power and water meant that nobody had previously managed to design an electric jetboard that could be produced commercially. Alexander built his first version of the jetboard in 2013 and, after further development and refinement, Radinn’s prototype board came out in 2015. In 2018, over the course of a three-day event in Ibiza called #energized, Radinn introduced its new model, the G2X. Key members of the jetboarding community were invited to experience Radinn’s latest work.

Having successfully launched in Europe, Radinn is now expanding into the US and Australia. It has already opened an office in Miami and plans to open another in Sydney very soon. The new sport of jetboarding ties in perfectly with the cool, ocean-loving lifestyle of these coastal cities, and wealthy yacht owners are the key target market for the G2X. Starting at €9,900, with optional add-ons such as a bigger battery or ultra-fast charger, the board is aimed at those who have money to spend when it comes to getting the most out of their leisure time. Radinn is also planning to open the market further with rental stations.

This year will be an exciting one for Radinn as it continues to spread the word about its product and introduce even more people to jetboarding. The brand has already gained high-profile supporters, including personalities from the worlds of sport and entertainment. And it is working with a “squad” of influencers well known among watersports fans, who share their jetboarding stories and experiences on social media.

From that very first prototype at Lund University, Alexander Lind has developed Radinn into a brand that is about much more than just a product. The company has introduced a completely new sport to the world, and it is confident that many more will be converted to the thrill of shredding through water on a jetboard.