Beyond the surface


F/List unites craft, technology and design to create prestigious luxury interiors for business and private jets, residences and yachts

“Dedication, a sense of aesthetics and a heritage of craftsmanship are essential for creating exceptional interiors,” says Katharina List-Nagl, CEO of F/List, a family-owned firm that creates bespoke luxury interiors and furnishings for aircraft, residences and yachts. “Our story began in 1950. My grandfather started a small joinery, fitting kitchens and living rooms for local houses. His son, Franz List, joined as an apprentice at 14. Today, he is Chairman of the Supervisory Board. His knowledge is irreplaceable and he has been instrumental in shaping our business through the decades,” she says.

F/List evolved from domestic cabinetry production to interiors for international hotels and, subsequently, boats. “Our largest project was outfitting The World, a residential cruise ship of 165 luxury apartments. There could be no larger or more complex project at sea,” says Katharina. “This was the moment my father asked me to join the company, which coincided with our launch into the aviation market.

“Our clients are individuals who own several residences, boats and aircraft, too. We know that time is their most precious commodity, so we wanted to provide our services 360 degrees across the entire portfolio to streamline their interior projects,” explains Katharina. “We had been developing lightweight interior products for some time, and we believed the aviation sector would welcome this expertise.”

This innovative approach is in F/List’s DNA: imagining the future and anticipating the needs of clients stimulates its product and service development. “Aircraft require maintenance cycles, and we identified this as an effective time to upgrade the cabin interior as well. It is a way to improve the cabin while reducing the amount of time the owner is without their aircraft. We conduct this work at airports around the world and this global footprint sets us apart.”

The F/List approach to sustainability also distinguishes the company. “Sustainability is our mindset. We seek to optimise every piece of material, achieve the most from each design and minimise waste. Our sustainability team ensures that every aspect of our work – people, products, production – is viewed through a sustainability lens. We are already creating pieces using plants and other natural materials that look beautiful, perform exceptionally and do not compromise on quality,” says Katharina.

With sustainability underpinning all it does, F/List is leading the way in defining the aircraft cabins of the future. “We want to surprise and delight our clients. We work closely with our partners to create new and wonderful things that have never been seen,” says Katharina. To this end, F/List has used the past two years to research the next generation of interior technologies. “The team has merged craftsmanship with electronics in new ways, even utilising artificial intelligence. We are committed to creating interiors that can adapt to the wishes and needs of the passenger.”

This dedication to innovation propels F/List forward. “We have a culture that revolves around the enabler spirit,” says Katharina. “We enable our employees to drive the developments that keep us at the forefront of our industry. There is so much experience and knowledge throughout the company. Our staff question everything; they want to see how far they can push the designs, push the materials, push themselves. It is that endeavour, that level of mastery and dedication, combined with invention and imagination, that makes us stand out. It is that drive that ensures our clients have the best possible experience.”