Bedside barista

Joy Resolve

Joy Resolve has created the perfect wake-up call – an alarm clock that brews early-morning coffee

“I was looking for a better experience to wake up to,” explains Josh Renouf, the founder of Joy Resolve. Like most of us, Josh had developed a bad relationship with the alarm clock that jarringly woke him from his slumber each morning – the kind of alarm that has been scientifically proven to release cortisol stress hormones to your brain. “It’s never a great way to start the day!”

It was this flawed morning ritual that inspired Josh to design the Barisieur: a coffee-brewing alarm clock that looks superb on the bedside table. “Instead of a blaring alarm, you get that smell and fresh aroma of coffee,” he says. “I thought it would be such an incredible way to wake up!”

So did legions of high-profile coffee lovers. Celebrities like Jonathan Ross, actor David Hasselhoff and Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse were placing orders when the project was just an idea on a website, and not even manufactured yet. “I put the product design online and it went viral,” remembers Josh. “Soon, there were $800,000 of sales and 2,000 people wanting to place digital orders for a product which didn’t exist yet.”

Resplendent in dark walnut or blond-coloured wood, and incorporating hand-blown glass, the Barisieur has redefined waking up in the morning for coffee lovers.

“Our focus is now to take our design philosophy to other household products,” adds co-founder Markus Perkumas, as Joy Resolve pivots into global design brand. “We believe technology should be as decorative as it is functional and a lot of traditional products are still driven solely by cost. Good design is so important and we want our products to act as statement pieces that customers can be proud to place in the living room or even their bedroom.”

New products in the Barisieur line include the Barisieur Immersion, for speciality tea; the Barisieur Noir – an entry-level alternative – and the Two Cup Barisieur. Perhaps even more exciting are rumours about an entirely new line of products centred around whisky set to be announced next year. “While we can’t give too much away, we have been working hard on some new technology to take whisky drinking to the next level,” says Josh with a broad smile. The duo have set their sights on an exciting expansion.