Beautiful botanicals


Californian botanics company Amass uses natural plants and herbal extracts to create a range of products – from self-care solutions to happy-hour essentials

Los Angeles-based botanics company Amass was co-founded in 2018 by Chief Product Officer and Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan. The business started out focused on beverages, establishing a traditional spirits portfolio; but Morgan’s interest in natural plants and herbal extracts saw her weave these elements into a greater range of products. “We’ve evolved and transformed into more of an amorphous botanics company,” she says. “Our scope is exploring and celebrating the flavours and aromas of botanicals.”

The flagship product is the Amass dry gin, a citrus-led herbal spirit that contains 29 botanicals, including hibiscus, cardamom and California bay leaf. Its success soon led to botanic vodka, non-alcoholic spirits and hard seltzers, then other fragrance-driven health and wellness products, including bath salts, hand soap, candles and more. “A lot of our products are terroir-driven,” says Morgan. “For example, our forest bath salts were inspired by British Columbia in the Pacific Northwest, where I grew up, to make for a nice, therapeutic bath.”

The word “amass” means “to bring people together”, and this is the philosophy underpinning the company. “We create products for the purpose of connection,” says Morgan. “Connection to other people, to ourselves, to the planet. We’re interested in an optimistic future, so we’re creating products for modern consumers who share that belief.”

Naturally, this means a dedication to environmentally friendly practices. “A big thing with us is we work with natural ingredients and use ethical sourcing,” she says. “The liquor industry doesn’t have to be, but we’re committed to being very transparent about what we put into our products.” And it works. Despite being based on America’s West Coast, Amass speaks to a global audience, reaching customers as far afield as Europe and East Asia. This success has seen the company grow from 15 members of staff in 2018 to 50 in 2020.

Morgan’s is a business that values ethics and authenticity as highly as making a quality product. This outlook means coming up with ideas for new products that cater for yet more people. “As a brand, we function more like a tech start-up: we’re able to grow and innovate quite quickly,” says Morgan. “There’s a spirit of inclusivity to what we do, so our drinks portfolio focuses on having something for everybody – whether that’s high-proof spirits, lower or not at all.”