Anglo-Swedish brand Halm specializes in leather bags that exude an air of understated luxury

While sustainability is something of a buzzword in the fashion industry these days, it has always been at the heart of luxury bag brand Halm. Crafted by artisans from the highest quality materials, the ethos behind Halm’s bags is the very opposite of fast, throwaway fashion. Every limited-edition piece is designed to be used and treasured for a lifetime.

Halm was founded in 2017 by Swedish Creative Director Hanna Ransjö. Brought up to invest in the best quality she could afford, Hanna struggled to find a luxury bag that had the right balance between quality, price and timeless design. So, after researching and learning the trade, Hanna launched her very own brand. Halm combines a distinctive Scandinavian aesthetic with a sense of understated luxury, while celebrating the innate beauty of 100 per cent genuine leather.

Hanna was later joined by English design and project manager Hannah Louise Brewer. Their design studio is based in Dubai, but the duo have travelled far and wide to select the very best materials and craftspeople. Their leather comes from a renowned tannery in France, while the bags’ bespoke jacquard linings are woven in pure cotton-linen by Italian artisans.

Every collection is limited edition, with each piece signed and numbered, which means that surplus stock and unnecessary waste is kept to a minimum. And all Halm’s bags are trans-seasonal and can be updated with new straps or other small leather goods. These are bags designed to be cared for and used for many years, truly embracing the “buy less, wear more” ethos. “Our customer is someone who understands that quality,” says Hannah. “And they have the confidence to wear something that’s not so well-known. They’re not a trend-follower.”

While it may not be as instantly recognizable as some of the bigger-hitting brands, Halm’s reputation is growing steadily. There are plans for men’s bags and accessories in the pipeline, as well as a lifestyle collection. However, while they may branch into other areas, Hanna and Hannah are adamant they will never move away from Halm’s founding principles. “We won’t ever mass produce our bags,” says Hanna. “For us, each limited-edition run embodies our ethos of slow fashion and sustainability.”